What Diseases Should I Watch Out For In Summer?

The summer heat has been killing people for years. You need to know about summer illnesses to protect yourself and your family

This is the third year in a row that the summer heat kills people. Summer diseases you need to know to keep yourself and your family safe.

First, let’s talk about the deadly diseases to watch out for during the summer.

Sunstroke and Overheating

A lot has already been said about this in detail. Nevertheless, every year the media reports deaths during hot days. It turns out that people are still careless about natural anomalies. Therefore, be vigilant – protect yourself from the heat and overheating of the body. Especially dangerous for the cardiovascular system.

It is people with these diseases are more likely to die in the summer heat. Vessels literally go crazy from the heat. They just don’t know what to do: whether they narrow or expand. As a result, there may be depletion of blood supply to some parts of the heart and brain, which seriously impairs their work. And this is already very dangerous to life – much more dangerous than getting pneumonia.


Deaths from pneumonia, unfortunately, are also not uncommon in summer. The fact that the lungs are working at full capacity under the scorching sun. They intensively evaporate water and volatile decay products. This is why the lungs “break” more often.

Heart attack

Very often it happens while working in the garden or other physical activity in the heat. To work in the garden or vegetable garden for someone is a great pleasure. But we must say honestly and directly: it is categorically contraindicated to hypertensive people. Fidgeting in the garden – it’s not for you. The nature of movements and postures adopted in the garden, increase the course of the disease, lead some to a worsening of the disease, and some straight to a heart attack. Find another favorite activity.

Bronchitis and bronchial asthma

These diseases occur in the summer most often for the same reason as pneumonia – that is, because of the excessive load on the body. And any pathogenic bacteria can easily provoke bronchial disease.


It’s considered that sore throat is a winter illness. But in the summer it is not less common. The cause is very banal: you’ve been exposed to the sun, got sweaty, drank some cold drinks and…choked! And for a long time in the throat will be scratchy, painful and coughing. Do you need it? Finally, take care of your tonsils during the summer.

Pustular diseases

Summer is the season for pimples. The skin pores, sweat glands and sebaceous glands work more intensively. Through them more water is released as usual. Together with ammonia, nitrogenous compounds of decay products. This is a favorite treat for pathogenic microorganisms (streptococci, staphylococci, E. coli and other microbes). So they multiply on sweaty skin like yeast. That’s why in summer quite often pop up boils, acne and other sores.

Intestinal Disorders

Talk about these diseases, really, a big disorder, because for the umpteenth time I have to remind you to “wash your hands before you eat. Everyone seems to know about it, but the number of intestinal disorders rises rapidly every summer.

Kidney Disease

In the heat of the day, the kidneys get overwhelmed in a terrible way. In summer we drink and drink without stopping. All these huge liters of liquid hit our kidneys. Our organs don’t have time to flush it out. The amount of circulating blood in the body increases, hypervolemia increases (i.e. watering of the body). This means a worsening of chronic diseases. It is also dangerous for people with hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Partly responsible for the hypervolemia of the population are some “advisers” who strongly recommend drinking more fluids in the summer. In fact, the focus should be different – to maintain the normal amount of water in the body. It should not be lost, so that you do not have to drink more and thereby strain the organs. Of course, you can hold water by pickling, or sausage, or herring – we have a wide variety of salty foods. With their help, you can regulate the water exchange in the body. But also to reduce the amount of fluids in summer, too, in any case, it is impossible. Otherwise you may face dehydration. This is also a big trouble. You will have to maneuver.

These are the most common diseases in summer. Try to behave so that they do not manifest themselves to you and do not spoil the mood of the most beautiful time of the year for a northerner.