Lemon Detox Diet

The most famous nutritionists recognise lemon as the best detoxifier. In addition, the citrus fruit is included in diets for eliminating toxins from the body, and dieting systems for weight loss. The secret is that the acidic little fruit has a positive effect on the digestive tract.

Many studies have shown that eating lemons, both in juice and peel, helps normalise the absorption of nutrients. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, they can help you lose pounds. In addition, vitamin C, which is so rich in lemons, boosts immunity in winter. A significant amount of it in the body accelerates the healing process in allergies, tuberculosis, rheumatism, and fractures, burns and wounds heal faster.

Lemons contain 7-8% citric acid, something no other fruit can claim to contain. It is a compound that partnered with other enzymes and acids to stimulate digestion and release gastric juices, Chong said, adding that a small lemon bite could have a positive effect on digestion and lower blood sugar levels.

The medicinal properties of lemons and their use in food have been considered by people since ancient times. Doctors who lived in the Middle Ages tried to cure many diseases with the fruit of the ripe lemon. They used it in its pure state, squeezed and peeled, and mixed it with other medicinal herbs and vegetables. Various types of decoctions and infusions of the zest have been particularly popular in nutrition and medicine.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Institute of Nutrition, the pectin contained in lemon zest can dampen hunger for 4 hours.

Pectin has a fibrous structure, and in the stomach it turns into a viscous gel that coats the intestinal wall, preventing the body from absorbing sugar too quickly. In addition, almost all the essential oils are concentrated in the peel of the lemon.

Lemon juice is also unique in its composition, being one of the strongest concentrates of vitamin C. Lemon juice is not only able to boost your body’s defenses against the cold, but it has also been confirmed by researchers at the University of Arizona to aid in effective digestion and, as a result, weight loss. Lemon juice increases acidity and thus helps absorb calcium, which replaces fat in cells.

At the same time, eating lemon does not mean that a person should go on a rigid diet and give up other foods. Scientists believe that even foods with high protein content, such as cheese, can be eaten. Even chocolate ice cream is not forbidden.

Experts believe that all one needs to do to lose weight is to make sure that their daily diet includes a few tablespoons of lemon juice, or some lemon pulp.