Three Reasons To Love Jaguar

We’ve long since stopped being surprised by crossovers under the Jaguar brand. But the cars themselves, with a wildcat on the emblem, continue to amaze us.

The flagship of Jaguar’s crossover range is the imposing F-Pace, about whose driving qualities numerous poems in prose have already been written without us. So let’s go over the actual details.

First, in 2022 model year Jaguar F-Pace will be able to ventilate the interior until the arrival of the owner. Unfortunately, it has not yet been taught to read your mind, so you will have to set the time of the start of the trip yourself. The second function saving your health is a CO2 sensor. If too much carbon dioxide becomes in a recirculation mode, the car adds oxygen from outside. It is purified, because the new sensor is in addition to the already known system of air filtration in the salon. It works so that a mosquito won’t hurt a nose: it eliminates allergens, smells, and catches ultrafine particles. And, of course, the screen shows the level of particulate matter in the air inside and outside the car. Simply to make the owner of F-Pace get moral satisfaction from innovation every second.

Another key point for the modern car is its ability to build a relationship with a smartphone. It seems that soon it will be more important than the engine and the suspension. Now, the F-Pace allows you to connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. Apple Car, Android Auto – of course. What’s more, the optional wireless charging system is equipped with a signal booster, enhancing the quality of the phone connection.

And, of course, the designers regularly take care of new outfits for the F-Pace. From model year 2022, a new package is available for it – R-Dynamic Black. It includes a number of exterior elements finished in Gloss Black style – e.g. side mirror housings, radiator grille. Wheels Style 1067 with 20-inch radius are also black and shiny, and infernally red calipers look out from behind them.

All this anthracite sheen is complemented by a panoramic roof and Gloss Black roof rails, available on the rest of the F-Pace as an option. Adam Hutton, Jaguar’s chief exterior designer, said: “With the new R-Dynamic Black version, we aimed to emphasise the sculptural shape of this model.” The interior, however, is not forgotten either, with R-Dynamic Black featuring Satin Charcoal Ash finishes and metal pedal pads.

And since it’s not just the Black version but the R-Dynamic Black, it will be available in Russia with a two-litre 249bhp petrol engine.

A touch of perfection

The mid-size E-Pace is as good as its big brother and offers a similarly rich array of clever assistance systems. It differs from the F-Pace in size, but not in comfort. Jaguar’s engineers have also tweaked it this year, putting in new engine mounts to give it a sharper throttle response. And they’ve improved the body architecture, reducing the transmission of vibration and noise to the cabin. Which begs the question^ Why, wasn’t it ideal? Well, engineers know best. 

Like the F-Pace, for the 2022 model year this crossover is offered in the R-Dynamic Black version, developed on the basis of the R-Dynamic S package. But, unlike its big brother, here it is available with both diesel (199 hp) and petrol (249 hp) engines.

Electricity of the highest grade

Separately in the Jaguar crossover range is the I-Pace, the world’s first premium electric crossover. It hit the market in 2018 and has been raved about, with more than 80 international awards to its credit, including Best Car of the Year, Best Car Design of the Year and Best Green Car of the Year at the 2019 World Car Awards. And today, it continues to hold the bar despite the competition pulling up.

See for yourself: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and a range of up to 470 km on a single charge. Well, that makes sense: an engine on each axle, giving a total of 400 bhp and 696 N*m, plus a lightweight aluminium body. From the powerful 100w base, the crossover can be pumped up for 127km of range in 15 minutes, and a full battery charge from the home station now takes just 8.6 hours. Speaking of the battery: the I-Pace has an 8-year or 160,000km mileage warranty (whichever comes first).

In terms of digital assistants, the I-Pace doesn’t just impress – it sets the standard. For example, its self-learning navigation system is not only able to locate the nearest charging station, but also calculates the charging time. In addition, the I-Pace now has a new 3D all-around camera, a ClearSight digital rear-view mirror and wireless software updates for the battery management and charging unit and the infotainment system. Two smartphone connectivity and wireless charging are not to be mentioned – it’s the same as the F-Pace. 

“When we developed the Jaguar I-Pace, we wanted it to be the most desirable electric car in the world,” admits Alan Volkerts, Jaguar I-Pace model line director. Can you feel the sparks leaping between you and this crossover?