Transform Your Diet: Tips from a Health Expert to Help You Eat Right

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for overall well-being, but with so much conflicting information out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where a health expert comes in handy, offering science-backed advice and strategies to help you transform your diet and eat right. In this article, we’ll share tips from a health expert on how to make simple changes to your eating habits that can lead to significant improvements in your health and quality of life. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, boost your energy levels, or simply feel better in your body, these tips will set you on the path to a healthier, happier you.

Most likely, at least once in your life you thought about starting to monitor your diet. Perhaps you just wanted to lose weight or pursued some higher goals – to cleanse the body and mind, to free yourself from the power of gluttony, but in any case, something went wrong. After all, fries smelled so delicious, and beer with friends sounded much more attractive than tea alone (and we understand you perfectly). To help finally put pizza aside and start eating right, we spoke to a health expert.

For starters, think

“First of all, change your thinking. Proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle is not only about food. You need to start thinking about everything – about the daily routine, about physical activity. And when you gradually begin to completely change your life, then you can already refuse the products that we often abuse. For example, from a large number of dairy products, meat, and sugar. We need to understand that absolutely everything we eat affects us, our health.”

Go see a nutritionist

“Going to a nutritionist is not necessary, but desirable. It is worth contacting a specialist so that he outlines the path, explains the basic principles. Each organism is individual, if something will benefit someone, then it will harm the other. You need a doctor to identify your characteristics and say what will be best specifically for your body. This is the concept of our clinic.”

Hold out for two days

“The hardest part is the first two days. When people come to us, they often do not even suspect that the right food can be really tasty. Their brain has not yet got used to the new food, and the most difficult thing is the very process of adaptation. Luckily, it only lasts about two days.”

Plan your diet

“Everyone in our clinic starts their day with miso soup. It prepares the intestinal microflora and contains a lot of useful substances. We serve it with fruit and vegetable juice, porridge, medicinal tea and hummus to replenish the protein. For lunch, the main course is vegetables and something protein (fish or legumes), soup or salad and dessert. In the evening we also serve a light soup, a dessert of rice or agar-agar, apple couscous tea and a protein dish if it was not for lunch. It is not necessary to eat six times a day in small portions – this is purely individual for each organism. Of course, if you are an athlete, then you should add one or two meals. If not, then three or four will suffice.”

Eat desserts(but correctly)

“Here I have to upset all the lovers of cakes and sweets. You can’t eat sweets in the classical sense, but you can eat special desserts. They are included in two of the three food types in SHA. And most importantly, many of the right desserts are easy to cook at home. For example, various jellies and creams – pumpkin cream with almond panna cotta, corn crème brulee, baked apple with avocado ice cream.”

Improve your favorite recipes

“In fact, for any dish you can find a healthy counterpart. For example, a classic chocolate fondant is made from four main ingredients – butter, eggs, flour, and chocolate. We don’t use any of them. I won’t lie, in terms of taste there is a difference, but this does not mean that it is getting worse. We have strawberry mousse on the menu. In traditional confectionery production, first of all, cream, then sugar, then strawberries. In our case, it’s mostly strawberry puree and some rice cream. This mousse has a pure strawberry taste, nothing more. I’m talking about desserts, but the exact same thing applies to main courses.”

A complex approach

“There is a concept in SHA called 360. It is that you can’t just cut out certain foods from your diet or start eating less in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and respect your body. To do this, your schedule should include time for daily exercise (or at least walking, cycling), yoga, or meditation. A prerequisite is a healthy environment and your positive attitude towards life.”

Don’t make these mistakes

“Firstly, many people view healthy eating as something temporary and negative. “Now I’ll be patient for a couple of weeks / months, and then I can eat whatever I want again.” This is fundamentally wrong. The right food should be treated as a new habit, a way of life, just forget about harmful dishes. Secondly, people are starting to try to replace ordinary products with useful ones, they are looking for analogues. We need to act differently. Understand what foods you can and can’t eat (you’ll quickly realize there’s plenty to choose from) and use them. Don’t look for replacements, just work with new ingredients.”

And get results

“In addition to just losing weight, you will start to sleep better, your mood will rise.

oenie, memory, nervous system and well-being in general will improve. You will become more energetic and start working faster and better. People who lead a healthy lifestyle, and in particular – eat right, feel happier than those who do not. The first results will be noticeable in a week.”