Online Store Makes Stocking

Snowe may have fewer choices, but they’re all good ones.

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Sure, for some of us, picking out china or collecting bath towels is a great way to show our taste and individuality. For most of us, though, stocking a new apartment is an expensive, time-consuming odyssey in which we’re forced to decide between 50 shades of gray (really: ash, charcoal, heather, concrete, gunmetal, platinum, silver, timberwolf…) and puzzle over misleading thread counts until we settle for whatever we end up holding.

If the prospect of a joint trip to Ikea inspires Liz Lemon levels of anxiety, we recommend Snowe. The Web-based home-goods company has made stocking your house (or starting your registry) ridiculously easy. Within sections for dining, drinkware, bedding, and bath linens, the site presents the simplest possible options (plates come in one color, and there are only two sizes), freeing you from the tyranny of choice by virtue of sleek, timeless design. The odds are good that whatever you buy here will look just as good 20 years from now, long after your Mason jar mugs and copper flatware have gone the way of the shag rug.

Check them out now and get ready to cut up that Bed Bath & Beyond member’s card.