Here's What We Know About Tesla's Car

At least that’s the takeaway from the introduction of a new entry-level model of Tesla that was revealed to CNN today. Called the S 70D, the latest addition costs a whopping $75K, which is just slightly pricier than the company’s previous starter, the Model S.

The S 70D will be an “all-wheel-drive electric car with a 0-to-60 time of 5.2 seconds and a 240-mile range at 65 mph,” according to Tesla’s site. “In addition to having independently operational front and rear motors, the 70D includes Supercharging to enable free long-distance travel, Autopilot hardware, navigation, blind-spot detection and many other features. As with every Model S, the 70D will receive free over-the-air updates that add functionality and improve the driving experience for years to come.”

Which all sounds fine and dandy—and even better knowing you’re not using one ounce of gasoline—but for $75K, we fully expect it to fly, too.