How to Go Bald Gracefully: Styling Tips and Product Picks

Lots of guys hit their 20s or 30s only to find that their locks aren’t so luscious anymore. You can blame it on genetics though it’s still not entirely clear if your mother’s side of the family deserves more of the blame. So what are your options when your follicles start to fail you?

You may be tempted to compensate by growing the hair you still have to surfer lengths or concealing empty patches with an artful comb over. Don’t do it! Nothing ages a guy more than trying to hide an exposed scalp. It’s like a middle-aged man in skater shoes—we know you’re not 16 anymore, buddy; you’re not fooling anyone.

So instead of trying to hide your hair loss, learn to work with you’ve got. There are a few tips and products that can help a guy who’s not completely bald, but if you are remember: sometimes less is more. In fact, bald can be sexy and powerful—just look at Bruce Willis, Andre Agassi, and Taye Diggs, three guys who actually look better bald. Even guys blessed with hair like David Beckham and Brad Pitt have played with the buzzed look. We’ve got styling advice and product recommendations for every guy, whether you have a light fuzz or a cue ball.

The cut:
If you’re low on locks, go short—extremely short. Have a barber cut your hair to complement the shape of your head. You can choose a classic crew cut, buzz it, or go all the way with the shiny, shaved look.

The products:
Use a shampoo designed for your hair type like Apivita Shampoo for Thinning Hair, which helps strengthen follicles and control scalp oil secretion.

Choose a lightweight styling product that won’t weigh hair down or make it greasy, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. A grooming cream like Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka provides volume and hold with an invisible finish. For the guy who’s thinning, but not yet balding, try Lock Stock & Barrel Volumatte, which makes hair appear thicker. It’s a powder that liquefies in the hand and contains proteins that lift and strengthen follicles.

If your scalp sees daylight, always apply sunscreen to avoid burning. The scalp is highly sensitive and overexposure will cause dark spots and wrinkles to form. Try Baxter of California Super Shape SPF 15 to both moisturize and protect your scalp.

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