Which Body Parts A Man Should Shave And Which Should Be Left Alone

It’s up to each man to decide which parts of his body he should shave and which he shouldn’t. But come on, no one wants to look ridiculous. So there are still some rules to follow. Which ones?

Which parts of the body a man should shave and which ones should be left alone?

Free time, free fashion – free looks. Every man should decide for himself which parts of his body he’d rather shave and which parts he’d rather leave alone. 

But agree, no one wants to look ridiculous and ridiculous. So some rules still have to be followed. What are they? Well, that’s what we’re going to cover in today’s article.


Whether or not you’ll look good bald depends a lot on the shape of your skull. For example, it’s hard to imagine Vin Diesel and Jason Statham with thick hair. It’s also hard to imagine Tom Cruise or Elijah Wood going bald. 

Those who look good bald have a strong back of the head and a prominent forehead. Such guys look masculine and commanding. Owners of a thin face and a small head are better off with hair so as not to look like a dembele. 


Wear a beard or shave – every man should decide for himself, after all, Peter the Great’s reforms are over. If you do opt for a beard, there are a few ground rules:

– A beard doesn’t have to be Leo Tolstoy or Dostoevsky style.

– Visit a barber regularly for beard adjustments. Avoid having ungroomed facial hair.

– Ask your lover if she likes beards. It’s not just her perception of your image. Some girls have delicate skin, so a beard might irritate her.

– In some companies, the dress code includes a shaved face. So make sure your management will approve of a beard.


Your back should never be shaved otherwise you might end up having to do it every day as the hair will get stiff and grow back faster. 

If you’re prone to back hairs that tend to grow back in a hot climate or have that Neanderthal look on your face while on the beach, it’s time to get rid of them, but using the progressive method. You can, for instance, undergo laser hair removal.


Everything is good in moderation, and so is chest hair. Breast hair in moderation looks sexy and attract the opposite sex. But if there is a lot of chest hair and it pokes out of the unbuttoned shirt, the effect is quite the opposite.


Even if you have a lot of hair on your arms, it’s not advisable to cut it out. Just go with what nature has given you.

Assumptions about orientation and ridicule about smooth, hairless arms will annoy you a lot more. 

Even a lot of girls don’t get their arms waxed. Plus, you’ll have to do it a lot. So it’s better to leave this part of the body alone. 


This is an easier area to manage – you can get a clean shave under your arms if you like. This is an area that’s easier said than done – if you fancy shaving your armpits, you can get a clean bill of health. That’s because if you’re a man who suffers from excessive sweating, the thick underarm hair is a big problem, making it worse.

Furthermore, long hair sticking out from under a T-shirt or T-shirt sleeve – it is not aesthetic and not sexy.


The situation is similar, as with the arms. Smooth shins are the prerogative of the fair sex. What’s more, many men haven’t even considered whether or not to remove their leg hair. 

Men’s hairy legs look familiar and natural. However, designers do not advise men to wear short shorts so as not to accentuate the hairiness.

Intimate area

If growing hair in the heel area causes discomfort and makes it hard to keep clean, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. There’s no prejudice about it. 

Now about the groin area. Think of actors in pornographic movies. Their genitals are well-groomed and smoothly shaved. Besides, no one would like to see a hairy butt or groin in the frame.

Ladies like a shaved intimate area. It’s much nicer to the touch and looks more attractive. Trust me, that’s the opinion of almost all girls, unless your lady is a hippie. 

The final decision is up to you. However, keep in mind that body hair is not just a matter of style, but of hygiene and perception.