The Peculiarities Of Men’s Diet

Of course, men’s bodies are different from women’s. For instance, he eats more calories and needs more food, especially protein, to maintain muscle mass.

It is the privilege of women to diet, they are the ones who take care of looking attractive. Men also agree to dietary restrictions only in special cases. What are the special features of men’s diets?

Of course, men’s bodies are different from women’s. For example, he consumes more calories, so he needs more food, especially proteins, to maintain muscle mass. Men often work harder than women, including physically, so they need to maintain their performance.

Medical reference books report that if a man is constantly physically active, he needs 1900-2400 kcal per day. If work is sedentary and sedentary, 1500-1700 will be enough.

And of course, that men do not fit women’s diets based on fruit, kefir, cottage cheese, green salads. Such a diet, of course, will cause weight loss, but the side effects can be the most unpleasant – from a breakdown at work to impotence.

The rules of the male diet:

  • – The men’s diet regime is three meals a day minimum;
  • – Restriction is for fats, but not for proteins and carbohydrates;
  • – Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, fiber, magnesium and calcium are musts.

Foods for men’s diet


No to white bread and white bread! Get your beloved whole meal bread or diet bread.


No meat should be excluded from men’s diets, especially if a man’s job involves physical exertion. But you should not cook fried meat, dishes in breading, forget about sausages. The best lunch for a thin man is a piece of cooked lean beef or chicken. Pork is consigned to oblivion for the time being. Garnishes are vegetable, and we’re not talking about Chips now.


A man whose job involves an intellectual activity needs this food. It is a source of phosphorus as well as healthy fatty acids that are essential for brain tissue. A stew of fish and vegetables is the perfect lunch for a lean office manager.

Cottage cheese

Lean cottage cheese is not a bad snack but it is unlikely that a man will be satisfied with just one cottage cheese. Top it off with something like bread or biscuits and shade it with some herbs, peppers or mushrooms.


It’s a good breakfast and it makes you feel full for a long time. Besides, it’s full of nutrients! Just don’t replace natural oatmeal with ready-made muesli mixes. This boxed dry food is simply a mixture of processed flakes and various caloric additives. If ’empty’ oatmeal makes you uncomfortable, add slices of fresh fruit to your porridge.


Salads can be almost anything – fresh and boiled vegetables, grilled vegetables, oat flakes, sprouted wheat, dill, parsley and garlic. Do not use mayonnaise or sour cream as salad dressing. Lemon juice and a little olive oil will do.


Ladies manfully refuse sweetness, but the male organism needs sugar! Of course, not in the form of a cake or a cream cake. Suitable toast with jam, a couple of biscuits. But do not abuse it all the same.


Drinking regime of men’s diet is about 2 liters of liquid. Alcohol is not prohibited, but remember that it has many calories and it stimulates the appetite – will not be superfluous. Beer is acceptable a couple of times a week, one mug of draft. Live beer has many healthy trace elements, but not canned beer. Non-alcoholic beverages include fresh juices, still mineral water, kefir, non-fat yoghurt and weak tea. It is better to give up coffee altogether.

It is worth noting that a diet for men is more effective. This may be due to the fact that men are more ambitious and follow through with things. Men have a stronger willpower and are unlikely to let themselves slip on anything forbidden.