A Self-Driving Google Car

No driver? No problem.

Are you ready for your morning commute to get a whole lot easier?

Because self-driving cars are the way we’ll get around in the future, and not as in the distant future—we’re talking, like, in a few months, according to Google. While the tech juggernaut has been tooling around with the idea since 2010, the company announced that it will be test driving the models on roads around its headquarters in Mountain View, California, started 2015.

Don’t worry—the cars will have safety drivers during the tests and their speed limit will be capped at 25 miles per hour, but this is a pretty huge step forward, and should things move in this direction, soon you’ll be able to read the morning news while your car drives itself to the office. Check out the video featuring the futuristic little guy, below. It’s like the future, but now!