11 TV Masterpieces About Money that Everyone Should Watch

Business, money and success are an inexhaustible topic for films, books and TV series. The latter are now being filmed a lot. The quality of TV projects has reached a new level. Many of them are in no way inferior to Hollywood films. Here is a selection of the highest rated TV series about money.

These shows will be of interest to both ordinary viewers and businessmen. Watching fascinating stories, you will find many fresh and non-standard ideas. So what to see?

1. Trust (2018), IMDb: 7.60

The plot is based on real events, this makes the series even more interesting. In the center of it is the family of the Italian Jean Paul Getty. In the seventies, he was one of the richest people in the world. For ransom, criminals kidnap the businessman’s grandson. They hope for a generous reward. However, they do not expect that Getty values ​​his empire most of all and does not want to spend such an amount even to save his grandson. While he is in business, the boy’s parents are solving their problems. The father is on drugs, the mother does not have a penny. The police are inactive. How will this situation be resolved in the end? The TV series makes you wonder what the price of money is and who really needs it.

2. Succession (2018), IMDb: 7.80

Where there is a lot of money, big problems cannot be avoided. When Logan Roy, the elderly owner of the largest media conglomerate, wondered who in the future to transfer the reins of power, the choice fell on his eldest son. The Roy family has strict rules and all children must obey them. But each family member has his own opinion on this matter. Intrigue, betrayal and the war for power are all common things in their house. Who will get it all in the end?

3. How to Make it in America (2010), IMDb: 7.90

The unattainable American Dream beckons two businessmen, Cam and Ben. From the occasional sale of exclusive designer items, they are moving towards real business. Their story will show you how you can succeed in what used to be just a hobby.

4. Startup (2016), IMDb: 8.10

After watching this action-packed project, you will receive an answer to the question: can scammers legalize their activities by showing ingenuity? Fate brings together three amazing people: a financier who is trying to hide illegal profits, a mafia who wants to get into a legal business, and a hacker whose development – a new cryptocurrency – will soon blow up the world. United by a common goal, the heroes will face different obstacles. And also the FBI will interfere in every possible way.

5. Ozark (2017), IMDb: 8.30

The Ozark is a resort town in Missouri. Fate brought financial consultant Martin Byrd there. After betrayal by a colleague, Martin hastily leaves Chicago with his family. He wants to restore his good name, but it turns out to be not so easy. Serious crime bosses interfere in the matter. The series will talk about how you can achieve success by going down the path of fraud. And what problems are faced by everyone who has to deal with big money.

6. Billions (2016), IMDb: 8.40

The plot of the melodramatic series tells about the financial analyst Bobby Axelrod. He built a real empire, but now every second person wants to “bite off” a piece of it. The owner must protect his own. At the same time, he will have to confront the incorruptible prosecutor Chuck Rhodes, who has declared war on the financier. Every story told in the series is full of life. All characters are well written. Depending on the circumstances, they are capable of both heroic and vile deeds. Because of this, you believe and empathize with the heroes. Therefore, the series lasted on the screens for 5 seasons.

7. Silicon Valley (2014), IMDb: 8.50

In the center of the plot is the timid young man Richard Hendrix. He is a programmer at Hooli. He is engaged in the development of new technologies, as well as music. Richard manages to create a unique algorithm that allows you to compress data losslessly. Such a development could not be ignored by the powers that be. The programmer is immediately offered to buy the rights for $ 10 million, but he refuses. Hendrix likes the other proposal much better. For just 200 thousand, he gets a startup and can bring the technology to the market. It turns out to be not so easy, because Richard is an IT specialist, not a businessman.

The series perfectly illustrates all the situations that can arise in the life of a young and ambitious person who wants to launch his startup in a place like Silicon Valley. The world center of high technologies has its own laws. And before entering the market, the hero has to overcome many difficulties.

8. (Suits (2011), IMDb: 8.50

An interesting plot and charismatic characters brought the series great popularity. He will talk about how spontaneous decisions can change life and business. Harvey Specter is the best lawyer in Manhattan. Years of successful practice and career are on the rise.

What could he have in common with the self-taught drug lawyer Mike Ross? Moreover, when he came to an interview with Harvey, he immediately began with a lie – he pretended to be a Harvard student. However, he managed to impress the lawyer with his unique talent – photographic memory. Spectrum decided to give the extraordinary guy a chance. This unconventional duo of lawyers will be able to sort out the most complicated cases.

9. Boardwalk Empire, 2010, IMDb: 8.60

America, twenties, famous “Prohibition”. For some, it will become a real punishment. And someone, like the main character of the series, will find new ways to increase the already rather big capital. Enoch Thompson – City Treasurer. Under his leadership, not only the official treasury, but also bars, casinos, brothels. And, of course, alcohol smuggling. Thompson wants more. Therefore, he will have to deal with the Chicago mafia, Italians (including the famous Al Capone), as well as servants of the law, who have their own interests in this matter. This is a stylish historical gangster series that Martin Scorsese himself worked on.

10. House of Cards (2013), IMDb: 8.80

One of the most popular projects of the Netflix service will tell about the businessman Frank Underwood. His main goal is to make Garrett Walker the new President of the United States, in order to become Secretary of State himself. After a successful presidential election, the hero learns that he will not see the position. Frank won’t give up, he’s going to get revenge. It’s very exciting to watch politics and business go side by side. The series perfectly shows the price of such alliances.

11. Breaking Bad (2008), IMDb: 9.50

One of the most popular television series of all time delights fans not only with a dynamic plot, but also with a touching drama and subtle humor. Walter is a hapless chemistry teacher. He has a lot of problems in his life, he has no money at all, and he also has cancer. To help his family, the hero decides to start making drugs. He takes on a former student Jesse as a partner, who is ready to help the teacher sell the goods. The two men have no idea what a dangerous game they are getting involved in. Will they be able to build their own criminal empire and get out of all difficulties with dignity?

These shows are united not only by a common theme, but also by an amazing atmosphere, a good dramatic component, a stellar cast. And also the fact that all stories are life stories, which means watching them is even more interesting.