Full Body Detox: Everything You Need to Know

Products of questionable quality, poorly purified drinking water, alcohol, smoking, polluted air – our body constantly receives a dose of toxic substances. When there are too many of them, diseases arise. We will tell you how to help the body cleanse itself of “garbage”. And whether it should be done.

Toxins, or as they are also called slags, are referred to as xenobiotics. These are dangerous substances alien to the body that disrupt its work and lead to various diseases. It is generally accepted that toxins constantly accumulate in organs and tissues, but modern medicine denies this. And also does not support the idea of ​​the need for detox programs.

The human body is able to remove harmful substances by itself with the help of the kidneys and liver. With good nutrition, he will have no problem getting rid of toxins. It is enough for a healthy person to adhere to a balanced diet, drink clean water and not abuse processed food, fast food, alcohol. After all, an improper lifestyle makes it difficult for the organs that are responsible for eliminating toxins to function. When their number exceeds the norm, intoxication – poisoning – and all kinds of serious diseases occur. Fasting, enemas, bath procedures, detox diets and much more are often recommended as additional body support.

But it is necessary to understand that such detoxification belongs to alternative medicine and is not shown to everyone. These are rather preventive methods aimed at general hardening of the body. Not medical procedures. You shouldn’t try them without consulting a specialist. Only he will determine the need for such measures and the degree of health risk. It also makes no sense to do anything without redefining the whole lifestyle. It is important to improve your diet and eliminate bad habits. Otherwise, even if detox programs make you feel better for a while, then the problems will return.

Let’s consider the most popular methods of “cleansing”.

Therapeutic fasting

Although the method has such a name, doctors tend to classify it as a potentially dangerous procedure. With severe intoxication, it is logical not to eat food for a while. But it is not necessary to regularly arrange fasting days. Of course, eating through strength, when there is no feeling of hunger, is also not worth it. If you stuff food into yourself without interruption, it is fraught with obesity and digestive disorders. Detoxists are definitely right about one thing. Now, with such an abundance of food, there is a “cult of gluttony.” And many simply do not know the measure, they constantly eat not the most healthy food. This cannot but affect health.

There are different courses of fasting, from several hours to several days. In theory, a person is able to go without food for a long time, up to two months. Gradually, weakness and hunger recede, the body adapts. At the same time, it functions due to subcutaneous fat and intracellular debris. This is called endogenous nutrition.

The conversion of body fat into energy is a natural process. A healthy, trained person with a normal body weight can hold out for quite a long time, while maintaining efficiency and well-being. In doing so, he loses weight. The longer fasting lasts, the more kilograms you can lose. But this is not the best method for losing weight. Since then the weight is immediately returned. After such stress, the body begins to accumulate reserves even more actively.

In general, long breaks in meals can be both beneficial and harmful. It all depends on the individual characteristics and training of the person. Fasting for more than three days should be prepared in advance. Gradually reduce your calorie intake. Then also gradually increase the amount of food. Therefore, it is better not to carry out such a procedure without the supervision of a doctor.

But, if you feel the need and desire, sometimes you can limit yourself in food for one or two days. When on one day of the week you consume a minimum of calories, and on the rest you just eat normally, this does not do much harm. In this case, in no case should you give up water. Cells constantly require hydration to renew themselves. Watch your health and do not continue your “hunger strike” if it has noticeably deteriorated. After a break, you do not need to immediately overload the stomach with heavy food. Start with diluted fruit or vegetable juice, then refresh yourself with fresh vegetables or fruits. And only then move on to light meals.

Intermittent fasting is also suitable for healthy weight loss. These are schemes 16/8 (you should refrain from food for 16 hours a day, you can eat on the other 8), 12/12, 20/4 and others. It is this approach that gives not only weight loss, but also a comprehensive improvement of the body. And even has some anti-aging effect. But in order to notice this, one must observe constancy and measure.

To truly help your health, you should always choose better quality foods, drink enough water, and stick to your diet and sleep patterns. It is important to eat on a schedule, take in moderate portions, and maintain regular intervals between meals. And also move more to spend the accumulated energy. Then the stomach will have no difficulty in digesting food, and in the excretory system – with the elimination of xenobiotics.

Bath procedures

Bath and sauna are very beneficial for health. It is believed that harmful substances can come out with sweat. In any case, these pleasant procedures have a good effect on metabolism, muscle and skin tone, strengthen the heart and blood vessels. They also rejuvenate the body and improve well-being, especially when combined with exercise. It’s also a good way to relieve stress.

But there are also contraindications. Not everyone should expose themselves to prolonged exposure to high temperatures. For example, it is undesirable for cardiovascular diseases. If there are no risks, you can visit the bathhouse a couple of times a week. However, it is important to monitor your feelings, heart rate, breathing. And leave the steam room at the first slightest deterioration in health.

Cold and hot shower

It is always nice to take a refreshing dip in the cool pool after a bath or take a contrast shower. Such procedures temper well, make the body more resistant and strong. The efficiency of all organs increases. The alternation of high and low temperatures activates blood circulation, relaxes the body and at the same time invigorates and energizes.

Under the influence of heat, the vessels dilate, the blood rushes to the skin. From the cold, they narrow and the blood flow is directed to the internal organs. A good blood supply is the key to proper metabolism, including the elimination of xenobiotics. In addition, you can do local procedures – on certain areas of the body: arms, legs, abdomen, and so on. The increased circulation in certain areas helps with joint problems.

At the same time, it is almost impossible to overdo it, catch a cold or get frostbite. And these are the main risks of hardening on the street. Swimming in an ice hole or rubbing off with snow can also be a healing shake-up for the body. But you need to go to them only after careful preparation. And an unseen person is better off starting at home. You can combine cold dousing with a sauna or simply take a contrast shower.

It makes no sense to do such procedures every day. The body will get used to it and will not respond. A couple of times a week is enough. Regular balanced nutrition, hardening and daily activity lead to much better results than dieting, fasting and other short-term methods.