Rules to Live by Jackie Chan

We all know and love Jackie Chan, the most unconventional actor in all of Hollywood. He is almost the only one who performed all his stunts without a stuntman. For which he paid with a huge number of injuries, but at the same time he is always cheerful and simply cool. The Hong Kong native has starred in over 100 films and is one of the most famous Asian actors in the world. Jackie is an outstanding and interesting personality, especially since he went through a rather difficult career path. So the star has a lot to learn – read to the end to get the most out of Jackie Chan’s advice.

Every person who appears in our life is a teacher! Someone teaches us to be stronger, someone is wiser, someone teaches to forgive, someone – to be happy and enjoy every day. Someone does not teach us anything at all – they just break us, but we also get experience from this. Appreciate each person, even if they appear for a moment. After all, if he appeared, then this is no accident! Anyone who is better than me, I consider a role model.

They are losers and losers will remain. I was a worthless child. I was a ragged boy. I was a reckless teenager.

And now?

See what I’ve become! If you want to be successful, avoid the six vices: sleepiness, laziness, fear, anger, indolence, and indecision. The only thing really worth fearing is fear itself. And the best way to be successful is to fall in love with what you do.

I was seventeen years old when they tried to steal a motorcycle from my friend, so I did it so that this did not happen. Then I had to hide in a motel. Obviously, I could not go to the hospital, I made a bandage myself – I severely injured my arm. After a couple of days, the bandage peeled off, and I saw a tooth sticking out of my hand! That is, I knocked out a tooth for someone, and it, like a nail, drove into my bone. I was afraid to stick my nose out into the street for a whole month, I just read all the newspapers and wondered if I had killed that person or crippled. Nobody is sinless. And I’m not a saint. I’m still learning how to behave correctly!

Money has not yet been able to educate anyone correctly.

I try to live humbly. A house where only the essentials, I drive quite inexpensive cars, I also dress simply. This used to drive a Ferrari, could crash it and throw it right on the road. Just think, I went the next day and bought ten more. And now he’s wiser. Unless I can’t do without a private jet. Airplanes are my passion. I like doing charity work and patronage. I often donate huge sums to talent development. We must look to the future and not just be consumers in this world. My formula for happiness is: 80% work, 15% charity, 5% love for my native Hong Kong. “

Being an action star is dangerous. Action stars often don’t live long. And I want to live a long life. And I never wanted to be the second Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan. There is a formula for my films – people expect certain things from Jackie Chan films, but within those expectations, I want to give people a shock.

Sometimes I stop and think: I could die today! People who think I’m not afraid of anything when I do all these tricks are even crazier than I am.

Here, too, everything is simple: the more scared my friends and family are, the more pleasure my fans will get, and they mean everything to me. I could become the most famous doctor in the world. But he became the most famous patient in the world. If you want to call me crazy, please. The main thing is not to call me a fool.

– If you tell me how old I am, they say, Jackie, you are already so much, then, of course, I will remember: oh, but I’m an old man. But when I get up in the morning and exercise or when I’m busy filming, I’m not over 30.

I do not feel the age when I teach people tricks, I show them: you go there, and you hold it, etc. True, now that I am falling, people are trying to help me rise. But I, on the contrary, chase them away, because I feel old only when they tell me about it. And I have always tried to live so as not to regret the past. I did what I saw fit! This is the happiness of living the way you want!