Boxing vs MMA: Which One Kicks Ass?

Boxing and mixed martial arts are two different sports that are difficult to compare. But they still have some similarities. And there are many more differences. In this article, we’ll cover both. And we will find the answer that it is better to choose a beginner.

Both types of sparring have a fairly long history. At all times there were competitions in fist fighting and wrestling. In the nineteenth century, street fighting got its own rules and the general public began to come to them. Boxing hasn’t changed much since that time. And mixed martial arts have undergone some changes. And in their present form, they exist not so long ago, from the end of the last century. How are these martial arts similar and different?

Similarities and differences

Both those and other fights take place in the ring. Athletes put on equipment and fight each other until one of them is defeated. From the outside it may seem that MMA is a more spectacular and dynamic action than boxing. There are more techniques and techniques, fewer rules. No wonder one of the names of this martial art is fighting without rules. Although, of course, there are certain regulations there. Receptions are prohibited that pose a great danger to the health and life of an opponent. But still more is allowed than in boxing. Among the participants of the tournaments there are both professional wrestlers who devote their whole lives to this, as well as representatives of other sports.

Both classes require good preparation: considerable physical strength, dexterity, endurance, concentration. Each needs its own, special equipment. First of all, these are gloves. Also, wrestlers use different protective helmets, protection on the wrist and shin, shields, belts.

Both types of sparring use their own techniques. In boxing, these are only punches to the head and body. Both opponents stand on their feet, if one of them falls, the fight ends. There are many more techniques in MMA. You can hit with your hands and feet, make grabs, fight while lying down. Such training evenly engages the entire body.

At the same time, strict boxing regulations allow athletes to concentrate as much as possible on the technique of strikes, to hone it to perfection. And it takes less time than learning all the acceptable MMA techniques. It is also a more popular sport that has been developing for more than a decade. Each fight attracts millions of spectators. Boxing is included in the list of Olympic disciplines, and the names of the best boxers are known all over the world. Mixed martial arts in their present form is a young martial art that has not yet gained wide popularity.

Dangers and risks

The most traumatic sport in the world is, of course, MMA. Participants sustain injuries of varying degrees of severity, from broken noses to broken arms and legs. At the same time, there are practically no deaths from such fights. Boxing is much more dangerous for life. Accurate and hard blows to the head constantly result in concussions. And some of them are fatal. But in general, both types of martial arts carry a great risk to health and life, which must be taken into account. Especially when it comes to professional sports. But the salary is also appropriate. Eminent boxers earn especially well.

Strength and skills

Who is stronger is decided not by the type of struggle, but by individual skills. It is impossible to predict the result of sparring between athletes from different training schools with the same physical data. When it comes to applying these skills in real life, both the boxer and the wrestler will have clear advantages over any bully. Boxing combat tactics are more suitable for the street. It is simple and uncomplicated, but obviously winning. If you put in enough strength, you can knock out an opponent in just a couple of punches. It may take longer for an MMA fighter to figure out his tactics as he has a lot of options in his arsenal. And there are not always suitable conditions, for example, for kicking (in winter on ice it will not work like that). An accurate fist hook will always work.

Preparation and prospects

To choose a martial art for yourself, it is important to realistically assess your physical data, age and potential. For beginners, it’s definitely better to start with boxing. MMA is suitable for those who already have good self-defence skills.

The main disadvantage of this discipline is that only young people can really shine in it. Neither in adolescence nor in adulthood does a person have so much energy, stamina and strength. And this is what often determines the outcome of the fight. As well as basic training and school that the fighter went through. Mixed martial arts is a very big load on the whole body. With a lack of experience in martial disciplines, you can easily break something even before entering the real ring.

Boxing is ideal for those who have never fought before. You can start doing it at any age. Even if a person can no longer get into professional sports, he will still bring his body into excellent shape and acquire the necessary self-defence skills. The load is selected based on experience and physical data. Even without preparation, you can start training at your own pace. Gradually gain skills and improve the body. There is also a significant difference in salaries. If your goal is to become a highly paid athlete, it is better to go to boxing.

It is much more interesting for some spectators to watch more unpredictable and vivid fights “without rules”. Others prefer spectacular classic boxing. Each sport has its own merits and demerits.

The main advantages of MMA:

  • versatility – everyone who has some kind of fighting skills can try themselves in fights without rules;
  • diversity – it is necessary to hone a variety of movements, to master all parts of the body equally well;
  • freedom of action – since there are very few prohibitions, you can choose your own unique attack and defence tactics.

What’s bad about ultimate fighting:

  • many different injuries;
  • with a simultaneous attack with legs and arms, the strength of the blows decreases;
  • you need to spend time choosing tactics;
  • mastering all types of combat requires more effort;
  • to start performing, you need experience in any kind of martial arts;
  • age restrictions.

Boxing benefits:

  • strict regulations – you always know what to expect;
  • concentration – you can bring one technique to the ideal;
  • no age limit;
  • you can quickly learn to box from scratch;
  • high income – boxing is very popular and dangerous, so athletes earn big money in it.

Cons of boxing fights:

  • permanent craniocerebral trauma;
  • minimum freedom of action.

Although in some ways they are similar, there are still more differences. And everyone chooses what suits him, likes and seems more interesting.