Lack of Zinc: What are the Consequences for Men ?

Experts call this mineral one of the most important for a man’s health. Its deficiency is causing serious problems, say US researchers. Some of them are associated with potency and reproductive function in general.

Lack of zinc can negatively affect a man’s ability to have children, according to doctors at Wayne State University. It has a bad effect on sex drive and potency.

The mineral directly affects testosterone production. It is essential for prostate health and stable libido. Studies have shown that if young people do not get enough zinc, then after 20 weeks their testosterone drops sharply. Conversely, older men who are actively taking mineral supplements notice an increase in hormone levels after about 6 months.

Zinc is an important part of the sperm formation process. For one ejaculation, a man loses up to 5 mg of the mineral. Which is equal to almost half the daily value, scientists say. Another trace element is important for immunity, participates in the growth and development of cells. It also affects the quality of sleep.