Top 9 Autumn Essentials

The good mood is the main guarantee of a pleasant autumn. Bad weather will make you less upset with the right accessories. They will warm, provide comfort and will delight you not only in the cold season, but all year round!

Quality headphones

Those that will not fall out of the ear into a puddle and with their sound will interrupt even the strong noise of the rain. Then you can listen to your favourite music in any weather. And she, as you know, cheers up. In late autumn, there are fewer bright colours around. Therefore, headphones in bright colours will be especially relevant.

Aroma candles

A budget option for real autumn comfort. You can choose any aroma you like, sweet, tart or fresh. Depending on it, on cold evenings at your home a special atmosphere will be created that will evoke associations with a walk in the forest, in the evening around a campfire or distant countries.

Bath table

If a hot bath is your favourite remedy for the autumn blues, be sure to buy one! It is convenient to put a book, a tablet, a cup of tea on it and everything that you may need during your “swim”. This way you will definitely not drop anything in the water and you will be able to truly relax.

Thermo mug

This is a very convenient accessory not only for real coffee lovers, but also for all those who prefer to bask in aromatic drinks on rainy days. In order not to buy coffee or tea every day, you can brew it at home and take it with you. In a good tumbler, it stays hot all day. It is also an easy way to take care of the environment. If you want to grab a drink from a coffee shop, ditch the paper cup and ask to pour it into your thermo mug.

Sleeveless Jacket

A light vest made of jersey or raincoat fabric can be worn at least three out of four seasons. In the autumn-spring off-season – over a T-shirt or sweatshirt, and in winter – under a jacket or coat. On cooler days, a sleeveless jacket will keep you warm, eliminating the need to carry a bulky jacket with you. And in cold weather it will become an additional insulating layer. There are almost weightless options that fold easily and fit into any size bag.


Forget about the awkward plastic bags! Modern raincoats are made from a wide variety of materials. They are comfortable, stylish and simply irreplaceable in the off-season. This item won’t take up much space in your bag, unlike an umbrella. The longer it is, the better it will protect against rain. When choosing a model, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the seams. Often they are the weak point of the raincoat.

Backpack cover

In order not to get your favorite backpack wet, get a special case that will save it from a heavy downpour. Or a whole waterproof backpack. A spacious model with many departments will be useful both in the city and during outings to nature. Even in the pouring rain, your things will remain dry.

Small suitcase

It is in the fall that people most often go on spontaneous travel. If you are traveling for a weekend or even a week, you don’t need a lot of things. Enough of a small suitcase. The maximum allowable dimensions of carry-on baggage in most airlines is 40 x 55 x 20 centimeters. So a suitcase of this size can be taken anywhere. Choose a durable yet lightweight model with a handle.

Footwear products

Prepare for the rainy season thoroughly and don’t give the rains a chance to ruin your shoes. Purchase care products in advance for every material in your wardrobe. Fortunately, now on sale it is easy to find special kits with everything you need – a brush, cream of the desired colour, protection from moisture and dirt. And they write on them: “For leather shoes” or “For suede”.