Men Want Beauty; Women Want Rich

Men and women expect to see completely different qualities in their partners.

American psychologists have concluded that men and women expect to see completely different qualities in their partners.

Researchers from Arizona State University conducted an experiment, the result of which showed that men prefer beautiful companions, but women, first of all, look for a high social status in a partner.

For the study participants, a “quick date” session was organized, during which men and women were asked to assess each other and come to a conclusion whether their interlocutor was suitable for a romantic relationship. At the same time, both attractive volunteers with good income and unattractive people with a low social status took part in the sessions – such conditions were necessary for the success of the experiment.

During their dates, all men (both handsome and unattractive) chose exceptionally beautiful partners. But women were not interested in the appearance of the interlocutor. First of all, they found out whether a man has a high social status.

According to psychologists, the experimental choice fully coincided with the participants’ expectations, which were recorded in psychological questionnaires: women indicated that they wanted to see a successful companion near them, and for men, the priority was precisely the attractiveness of a potential partner. Experts said that this is the first time that they managed to fix such an exact correspondence between reality and dreams in the psychology of relationships.