Figure Skating – The Benefits of The Most Beautiful Winter Sport

With the onset of winter, many cardio enthusiasts are moving to gyms. However, in the fresh frosty air, you can also play sports and still have fun and health benefits.

In winter, one of the most popular pastimes is ice skating. This is a great pastime combined with exercise.

In today’s article, we will discuss the benefits of speed skating.

Improved coordination of movements

During skiing, the work of the vestibular apparatus improves. Agility and ability to maintain balance on the ice are increased. People who frequently practice this sport are less likely to experience dizziness and motion sickness.

Alternative to fitness

During skating, the following muscle groups work: gluteal, thigh, waist, shoulder, dorsal, and also the press. In 60 minutes of activity, you can burn up to 300 calories. In comparison, the same amount is burned during a run or fitness.

Compared to indoor fitness, outdoor ice skating is a great option as there are even more health benefits. Besides, you can have fun on the ice with your significant other or friends.

The work of blood vessels and heart improves

Speed ​​skating refers to cardio training. It improves blood circulation, the work of the heart and blood vessels, and trains the respiratory system. Pressure, well-being, sleep are normalized. In addition, the risk of developing heart disease is reduced.

Learning is not as difficult as it seems at first glance

Only at first glance it seems that skating is difficult and requires lengthy training. If you are not applying for a professional level, a few sessions with a coach will be enough, and you will be able to confidently stand on skates and skate on ice. Equipment can be bought or rented. It is also possible to start riding with the help of sliding posts / supports with handrails.

Cons of speed skating

There are downsides to any sport, and ice skating is no exception. The main disadvantage is the risk of injury. Lack of experience and carelessness increase the risk of falls and bruises. But this is not a reason to avoid ice rinks. It is important to objectively assess your strengths, existing experience, and also avoid collisions with other skaters.

While it is winter outside and the skating rinks are open in the fresh air, it’s time to go out on the ice and feel the pleasure of sliding, as well as benefit for your figure and health.