How to Make Your Coffee Tastier

Ingredients add flavor to food and drink. Spices and various additives enhance it. But, as it turned out, there is another method of enhancing the taste.

Scientists conducted a study, during which they found out what factors affect the taste receptors of people.

400 male and female volunteers were invited to conduct the experiment. Participants drank coffee and listened to sounds through headphones.

During the consumption of the drink from the first cup, the volume level of sounds was 85 dB. During the consumption of the second coffee, the volume indicators decreased to 65 dB.

The coffee was the same in both the first and second cups. However, the volunteers claimed that the drink from the second cup tasted better. The participants believed that it was more expensive and of better quality.

Scientists attribute this result to different noise indicators. When the environment is noisy, the sensitivity of the taste buds decreases. To enjoy the drink, it is recommended to drink it quietly or with earplugs. Another way to enhance the flavor of your coffee is to put on your headphones and play some soft jazz music.

As it turned out, the taste of a drink can be improved not only with the help of ingredients. Creating a quiet environment also affects perception.