Winter Blues: How to Beat Bad Moods and Enjoy Winter

In late autumn – early winter, many are faced with the so-called winter depression. It is a seasonal affective disorder in which low mood and lack of energy become the norm. And this year is still complicated by the general gloom over the pandemic. Here are some ways to deal with the blues.

With seasonal affective disorder, as with true depression, you don’t feel like doing anything at all. Not only to work, but also to have fun, communicate with loved ones. You constantly feel depressed, sad, sleep poorly and do not concentrate on business. Because of this, it is easy to start overeating and gaining extra weight. And with the onset of warmth, all symptoms usually disappear. But why wait for spring? Here are several ways to improve your mood right now.

1. Add light

First of all, the blues begins due to the fact that there is very little sunlight. Therefore, it makes sense to add brightness on dark days. Get an alarm clock or a bright lamp with warm light. Turn it on immediately after waking up. To feel a surge of energy in the morning.

2. Increase your vitamin D levels

Its lack is fraught not only with a bad mood, but also with a weakened immune system. To feel healthier and not be afraid of any viruses, you need to maintain adequate vitamin levels. But don’t start taking anything without consulting a specialist. It is important to get tested to understand which supplements you need and in what quantity.

3. Walk more often

Walking is the best way to get some air, get some sunshine, and relieve emotional stress. Even if you don’t feel like leaving home at all, try to do it every day. Go out to the neighboring park for at least twenty minutes – and you will notice that it becomes easier.

4. Clean up the information space

Disturbing news comes endlessly from all sources. They can cause panic and nervousness in even the toughest person. Do not waste your nerves on negativity that you cannot influence in any way. Unsubscribe from all accounts that broadcast negative content. Do not enter into discussion of such topics. You can only occasionally read the most important news to stay informed.

5. Chat with loved ones

Spend more time with your family. If you live alone, call and write to friends and parents more often; make new acquaintances on the web. Modern technology is a real salvation in our quarantine time. And communication, mutual support, love are the best medicines for any blues.

Seasonal affective disorder is not yet full-blown depression. But if triggered, it can cause more serious emotional problems. To avoid having to take antidepressants, do not delay. If you feel that you are not coping, do not hesitate to contact a specialist. He will help you find individual ways to deal with winter gloom.