Planking – Exercise For Steel Abdominals

Today we will talk about such an effective exercise as the plank. You will learn about the principles of its implementation, benefits and training program

The steel press is the dream of many men. Surely, looking at glossy men’s magazines, you have dreamed of the same thing many times. Today we will talk about such an effective exercise as the plank. You will learn about the principles of its implementation, the benefits and the training program. Perhaps after reading this article, your desire will become a reality.

It often happens that newbies to the gym only focus on standard exercises to strengthen their abdominal muscles. They diligently do side crunches on machines or roman benches and don’t try to expand on exercise options. However, experienced bodybuilders advise against working with the press only according to standard schemes. After all, there are other non-standard exercises that are not inferior in their effectiveness. Such exercises include the plank. With its help, you can significantly strengthen the muscles of the core and the corset (muscular) of the abdomen.

It should be noted that this exercise is not intended to pump up muscles, but to shape and strengthen them. Therefore, “pitching” does not prioritize the bar. In addition, the plank does not target a specific muscle group. When it is performed, all abdominal muscles become stronger. This is a static type of exercise. The muscles are tense, but there is no movement.

Why is the bar good?

Develops and strengthens physical strength. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the plank can be used to strengthen the neck, shoulders, back, biceps, buttocks, thighs, calves and chest.

It helps to improve posture, relieves pain in those whose activities are associated with sedentary work.

Improves endurance and concentration. The psychological aspect also matters. Will you be able to stand in the training position for a certain amount of time or will you give up?

The exercise does not include simulators, so it can be done at home.

Stretching is being developed. The muscles become tighter.

The muscles of the whole body are being worked out. The body plank certainly does not go unnoticed. It becomes fit and athletic. But do not forget about the additional conditions – diet and cardio training.

Workout program

Successful execution of the plank requires the cumulative tension of the core muscles while maintaining their body weight in the arms.

Step 1. Can be performed in a hall near a mirrored wall or at home near a regular mirror. Take a sports mat and take a starting position on it.

Step 2. Stretch your body well. In this case, one should lean on the toes of the feet and elbows with the forearms (the arms should be bent to an angle of 90 °). Place your shoulders down and back.

Step 3. Keep your back straight and tighten your abdominal muscles. The middle of the body should not sag, and the buttocks should not protrude upward.

Step 4. You should stay in this position for up to one minute. It is recommended to repeat the bar 3 to 5 times in a row.

This exercise is often recommended for the back muscles. In this case, the bar should be done as a course within 10 days. The time in position should be 30 s – 1.5 minutes.

Initially, many may think that this is a trifling exercise. But this is not true. Not everyone can do the bar even for half a minute. You should start doing the exercise with a minimum time (30 seconds), gradually increasing it, using the following recommendations:

– do the bar a couple of times a day;

– also do pull-ups and push-ups from the floor;

– combine the bar with deadlifts and squats;

– At first, it is best to focus not on time, but on sensations in the body.

Plank types

Plank and push-ups from the floor

Get into a regular plank position. Raise your body with your hands as high as possible. Stay in this position for a while, then return to the starting position.

Plank and jump

Take a starting position, fix the position of bent arms at the elbows, and then jump a little with legs apart. At the same time, the upper body should not “dangle”.

Plank and arm extension

Straighten one arm parallel to the body, then return to the original position and extend the other arm. Repeat the exercise several times. To complicate the exercise, raise the opposite leg at the same time as the arm.

Side plank

From the usual position in the plank position, turn on your side (make a side plank) and hold on for about 10 – 15 seconds. Then turn in the same way on the other side, linger and return to the original position. Do some of these reps.

Another option for the side bar

Make a side plank. The arm that is not supported must be lifted up, perpendicular to the floor. Then put your hand under your torso and lift it to its original position. Repeat all steps on the other side.

Plank and lunge

Stand in the bar on straightened arms. Alternately pull your right and left leg to your chest.

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Useful Tips

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Fitness ball and bench plank

Place your feet on a bench and your hands (forearms) on a large fitness ball. The back should be flat. Stay in this position for one minute.

All of the above plank options can be performed using a fitness ball.

You can perform all these exercises in any desired sequence. To achieve the effect, regularity is important. So take action! And you will have the abs that you dream about!