7 Places For Outdoor Sports

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start doing healthy outdoor sports (of course, not forgetting the precautions and social distance during quarantine).

In today’s article, we will list suitable outdoor places to exercise and enjoy the environment.

Why is it useful to exercise outdoors?

During physical exercise on the street, the body is saturated with oxygen, the nervous and respiratory systems begin to work better. Also in the body, the amount of hormones such as serotonin and endorphin increases. They help fight stress and depression.

Not exercising has a positive effect on changing the environment. The walls of the gym are changing into landscapes fragrant with greenery and warm summer weather.

Options for places where you can go in for sports on the street:

Park or square

There are many parks and squares not only in the capital, but also in other cities of the country. Such places are ennobled with lawns, trees, bushes. They also include trails that you can use for jogging. Lawns are great for gymnastics and yoga.


Sports activities in the forest are a great option for those who keep an eye on their physical condition and are inspired by the beauty of the forest nature. You can practice almost any kind of sports (except swimming) – running, shaping, yoga, gymnastics, strength exercises if you have the appropriate attributes with you. It should be noted that running along forest paths more actively uses the leg muscles and increases endurance.


The coast is another great choice for sports. In addition, you can get a beautiful and even tan during exercise. You can do it both in shorts and a T-shirt, as well as in swimming trunks. The main thing is that the clothes are breathable and do not hinder movement.

On the beach you can practice swimming, rowing, surfing, volleyball, yoga, jogging and shaping. The training options are more than varied.

The embankment

Not all localities have beaches. But if there is an embankment, you can study on it. Smooth paths are suitable for jogging and cycling. In the morning and in the evening on the embankments, as a Rule No., there are many lovers of a healthy lifestyle.


Specially equipped roofs are suitable for sports. They have a perimeter fence and are safe to practice. In addition, the rooftops often offer beautiful views of the city.

Sports stadium

The stadium is one of the best options for running and cycling. You can also play football, basketball, volleyball on it. Often, stadiums are supplemented with horizontal bars and weight training equipment.

Sports grounds

Sports grounds began to appear in many settlements. These are fenced and equipped areas for sports. They can combine a treadmill with exercise equipment and horizontal bars inside. This is a good alternative to the gym, because the classes will be in the fresh air.

There are still at least three months of warm weather ahead. Therefore, it’s time to choose the right option for yourself for outdoor sports in the summer. So that the situation does not get bored, it can be changed, because surely in every locality there will be at least several of the above places.