Tips On How To Choose A Wife

How to choose a future wife? The question is not new, but always relevant. For many, many years the entire male population is tormented by this question.

How to choose a wife? The question is not new, but always relevant. For many, many years, all the male population has been tormented by this question. The solutions were very different and sometimes unexpected. For example, the former leader of Iraq advised how to choose a wife: “She must be neither too smart nor too stupid,” said Saddam Hussein. So in one very popular article on the Internet by an unknown author, several basic theses for choosing a life partner were deduced. We tried to figure them out…

Choosing a wife is a very responsible task and requires a lot of hard work. Because we are talking about the choice of a wife, a precious spouse, the mother of your future children, grandmother of your beautiful grandchildren.

In this situation, emotions are not just inappropriate, they are criminal. Well you will not, say, come to the showroom to buy a car, rushing from one sparkling car to another with delighted shrieks: “Oh, I’ll take this one! It’s so roomy! Or better this one – its headlights sparkle so much! And what a streamlined back! It’s wonderful! A miracle!”

Silly, isn’t it? When choosing a car other things are important – safety, economy, design and, finally, the price. Exactly according to these criteria – thoughtfully, unhurriedly, as a good housewife buys fresh meat and fresh vegetables for dinner at the market – we will buy, that is to choose a wife.

So, the author of this work advises:

To begin with, get to know your parents and immediate family.

“If the gathering of those present does not remind you too much of the Kunstkammer and you are morally quite prepared for the fact that your first-born will be smacking like the grandfather of your chosen one, lisping like her father, giggling into the palm, as she did, and thus inherit your own nose potato and duck gait, consider that you passed the first test successfully. And quite ready to merge your own precious chromosome set with the chromosomes of your future kin.

Then you should also look at her friends. “The pimply young men with their mangy gait and the dandruffy maidens with their monstrous thighs with whom the girl you like is friends will not melt away after the wedding like a nightmare at the first light of dawn. So either break up the bride with this bunch right now, or choose a girl from a decent company.

Familiarizing yourself with the environment of your chosen one, the author recommends paying attention to her personal qualities. And you should start with shopping. “If the chosen one, even in her maidenhood, completely loses control at the sight of multi-colored clothing and ravels of overseas food, grabs everything, not looking at the price tags, or, conversely, snivelingly informs pretty saleswomen that such a pathetic trash has never seen in his fabulous life … Well, under a plausible pretext (to smoke, call …) leave this store, this girl, this city, the continent and this planet forever.

If you still haven’t run away after that dreadful check, then you should take a break together. “A good wife never gets tired. She is cheerful, benevolent, active at all hours of the day and flatly refuses any offer to lie down and stretch her legs.”

Now it’s time to think about living together. Are you ready to see her 24 hours a day? Will she fit into your decor are also important questions. “Without this crucial test (which lasts at least six months) can get into marriage only outright lunatics.

You give the girl ten minutes to pack, and then take her to your place. Next, the young lady should give a modest amount of money for household expenses and disappear somewhere for five days. If, upon your return, you will find your apartment repaired and clean as the first day of creation, the kitchen – full of freshly cooked yummy things, the girl – painted, fresh and ready to immediately give in to carnal love, and on the table in the center of the room there will be at least half of the amount left for her… Yes, perhaps it’s finally time to take a closer look at this babe.

Well, if you’ve passed that test as well, then it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at your sweetheart’s exterior as well. “Honestly, it’s absolutely no big deal. But if you for some reason will want to use his wife not only for direct purposes, but also to go out, guided by the fact that women with a straight neat nose less often get a runny nose, large, clear eyes with an unclouded lens – as a rule, A sign of good vision, and healthy, strong, white teeth – a guarantee that the food will be well and thoroughly chewed (which means that the stomach will work properly for a long time), and the dentist will not soon get to the contents of your wallet.

A girl who successfully passes all four groups of suggested tests has no price. “If you found such a treasure, immediately leave the bachelor life, brainless girlfriends, eternal drinking – and rush with the girl of your dreams in the direction of the nearest wedding palace. Only on the way still try to personally make sure that your bride is not a rubber.

This wonderful piece of fun has long conquered the minds of many residents of the Internet, many took it as a guide to action. In fact, this is not the case.

Often a young ardent young man, falling in love and deciding to give himself forever to his chosen one, just do not hear the reasonable arguments of friends and acquaintances.

There is another extreme. Psychologists claim that marriages of convenience are the most reliable.

It is clear that there are no perfect girls. But I can sincerely advise you to choose a set of women’s quirks that you will have to put up with for a long time.

If you need a wife as a housewife, then you can buy appliances, and the problem is solved by itself. Microwaves, automatic washing machines and other units have greatly relieved many housework problems around the house. In the end, you can get a housekeeper from the village.

Wife-permanent sexual partner and a partner to “cry into a handkerchief”? A permanent relationship with a woman (or several women), close enough for the soul to rest when it (the soul) needs, and aloof enough when the soul wants solitude, can be quite comfortable.

A wife is a state of mind, not a person with a stamp in her passport.

I guess you have to realize first of all, can you see her 24 hours a day? I understand there are feelings, sexual desires, but you should not always get married based on that. Family life is made up of many things.

And then there’s the strained expression: choose your wife… Is she a thing? How do you choose your wife? Do you pick radishes at the market?

There’s another category of girlfriends in life – those who fall under the definition of “going out with someone and getting married to someone.” How many unfortunate bemoaned their fate to the famous hit Apina “Rival”: “On the likes of me, probably marry, and you poetry and songs are dedicated.

This type of woman could well be the ideal wife, but… Here it is not so simple. Men are afraid of smart, strong, independent women. A man needs to be admired and “looked at in the mouth.

So “think for yourself, decide for yourself.”

You must choose your wife not by the rules, but with your heart. And in general, there is a classic thing – if you have something to talk about.