Men Do Not Mature Until They Are 43 Years Old

A great many men who are adults act like little children. They don’t mind fooling around.

Men do not mature until they are 43 years old.

A great many older men act like little children. They do not mind fooling around, every time they laugh at the same jokes and anecdotes, play teenage computer games vigorously, and also refuse to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for their loved ones.

Scientists from England decided to find out at what age a person really grows up and decides to give up childish habits and immaturity. To do this, the researchers conducted a survey.

Men and women took part in the survey. The results showed that men find it more difficult to say goodbye to childhood, and they even managed to stretch it up to the appearance of the first gray hair. And only at the average age of 43 does the stronger sex really grow up.

As for women, they take on the responsibility of adulthood much earlier than men – on average, at age 32. Very often growing up comes to women with the birth of children. 

80% of women believe that men never grow up and remain “big kids” all their lives. Among men’s hobbies that women classify as childish are computer games, frequent snacking at fast-food outlets, making obscene noises, being stubborn and uncompromising, and the inability to cook even the simplest meals.