Hublot Has Released A Model Using Crystallized Gold

The Spirit of Big Bang Cristal d’Or is a work of watchmaking art in which the craftsmen have subdued nature.

Lens Position 2439

Hublot continues to create what previously seemed impossible: this time the manufacturer has subjugated the natural process. It is believed that gold can crystallise only over a long period, which is not even comparable to the length of a human life. Gold crystallizes in nature for tens of millions of years.

However, the Swiss watch brand managed to create a gold crystal and practically performed an alchemical miracle. It is the basis of the brand’s new models. Hublot specialists have developed a technology that literally replicates the process of natural crystallization, but significantly speeds it up. When the 24-carat gold is heated, it evaporates and the gold atoms form a gaseous substance and, when cooled, form an angular structure. A selection process then takes place, and the best crystals (20 percent of the total) become part of the watch model. 

Lens Position 4799

The Spirit of Big Bang Cristal d’Or has a lacquered dial covered in gold crystals. This technology has been in development for a year and now uses around twenty coats of lacquer, which becomes invisible after polishing. 

Lens Position 2680

The tonneau-shaped case echoes all the basic design cues of the legendary Big Bang: six H-head screws on the bezel, the emblematic “H” and the sandwich construction of the case. Black ceramic and a rubber-lined alligator strap complete the model.