Where to see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis

It is important to remember that the Northern Lights–the beautiful show of shimmering light that is sometimes visible over the Arctic Circle in the night skies–is a natural phenomenon and therefore not guaranteed. I’m sure that it makes instinctively obvious, but would be surprised how often standards need to be handled on this subject. The main considerations are to choose a destination with a proven track record for the Aurora Borealis sightings. it is important to go at the right time of the year: February and March seem to be the best time, as you still have long nights but it’s not so cold you don’t want to go outside. If you put all your holiday hopes only on Aurora Borealis, you might be quite disappointed.
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The important question: what is the best destinations?
When scientists decided to study the Aurora Borealis, they wanted to set up an observatory in Northern Norway, somewhere that was famous for frequent sightings of the lights, and plumped to Alta. The area remains one of the finest viewing spots in Europe, but there’s also a great deal to do when the lights are off, ranging from Scandinavian classics like snowmobile safaris to the really untypical stuff like dry-suit diving to catch king crabs for your delicious meal.
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Swedish Lapland is another popular Northern Lights viewing location, but with even more fun stuff to do, Swedish Lapland is home to the original Ice Hotel where you can stay in “igloo” accommodation, decorated with ice sculptures and reindeer hide bed spreads. Enjoying vodka shots served in a glass made of ice.
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There are similarly quirky places to stay elsewhere, like the Treehotel, cube like reflective glass house, that resembles an alien spacecraft, suspended in the canopy of the tree. Experience dog-sledding from the stunning Aurora Safari Camp or hovercraft rides throughout the ice flows that produce strange offshore undulations.
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Finland has the wide range of Father Christmas-themed events on offer, making it the perfect location for families hoping to satisfy two goals –to see both Santa Claus and the Northern Lights at the same time.
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Iceland The land of fire and ice  is one of the quirkiest and coolest destinations in Europe, with an inappropriately long list of activities from Heliskiing and SuperJeep safaris across ice sea , to . You can swim in a lake between both the tectonic plates of Europe and America.
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Hawaii No, that’s not a mistake–the Northern Lights are not exclusively pointing to places deep within the Arctic Circle, as anyone privileged enough to have seen them in Scotland or Northern England. In fact, it was in Honolulu that the furthest south the Aurora Borealis was ever seen. Nevertheless, don’t expect to see them the next time you’re in Hawaii; Northern Lights was spotted there in 1859 as a result of a hazy solar storm.
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