Tech: Aerial 7 Headphones

tank graffiti Aerial 7 Headphones

For some people,those little white earbuds are the beginning and the ending of their music listening experience. For others, who need more color both in and out of their ears, we suggest a pair of Aerial 7 headphones. Founded on the principle that “great sound can be combined with with awesome, eye-catching design,” the headphone brand boasts several offerings that do exactly that, with the Tank model leading the auditory pack. 

Designed for DJs and bass-heads, the Tank accentuates hip-hop undertones and with its soft ear cup and swivel design, is a worthy and less expensive alternative to the often trebly mixmaster weapon of choice, the Sony MDR-700. Available in three colorways, Aerial 7′s Tank retails for $79.99 and comes with two cables, including one with a built in microphone for iPhone use. To learn more, visit