What’s NOT Wrong With The London Startup Scene

It’s almost a daily thing now, reading blog posts from people sat behind desks somewhere in the world talking about “what’s wrong with the London startup scene” to drive traffic to their site. Consider this post two-fingers up to those people.

This weekend I had the privilege of attending and covering London Real Time , an event held at White Bear Yard and hosted by real time analytics company GoSquared.

Over 100 people from across not only London, but from as far away as Cardiff, came down to meet others and work together to build new applications and websites on a hackaton style challenge, using API partners Twilio, Pusher, Geckoboard, RabbitMQ and GoSquared’s code and services. The quality of the apps pitched less-than 48 hours later was phenomenal.

The apps included a beat machine which allowed users to call a number and record a clip on their mobile phones, which would automatically update and be added into the compilation, and a realtime action game called Jack the Ripper, which works out your location, and finds the closest other player, before connecting you together into a game of “tapping” your screen. The person with the most tap in ten seconds wins. Simple idea, huge talent to put it together in such a short space of time.
I refer back to my opening point, of why I am totally against those who try and nit-pick at the London startup scene, when we have so many people. both young and old working for nothing more than fulfillment of the huge amounts of passion they have. This was shown in one particular competitor