Gadget Pick: Logitech Washable Keyboard

Look down, now. Look at your keyboard. In-between the keys, and around the edges. It’s a mess.

Our keyboards are one of things we use more than anything else in the day. We spend hours over the thing, typing furious emails, endless tweets and an infinite amount of IM messages. So, naturally, it gets a bit dirty.

That’s where the Logitech Washable Keyboard comes in. That’s right, a keyboard you can wash.

But this isn’t a delicate affair. There are no fibre cloths and special sprays involved here. You can dunk this thing into a sink of boiling water, wash it, and it’ll work perfectly.

The company says that the keyboard will live to see 5 million keystrokes, with its specially equipped drainage holes to allow for easy drying. The keys are covered in a UV coating, to prevent the characters fading from the keys, after it’s washed.

Logitech describe it as washable, functional and stylish. We just think it’s cool – that’s why it’s today’s Pick.