Rules of Style: Designer Oliver Spencer

In just over a decade, Oliver Spencer has gone from selling second-hand clothes at London’s Portobello Market to establishing his own eponymous line, which has become a go-to source for stylish leading men like Jude Law and Jon Hamm.

On the heels of his 2013 WGSN Global Fashion Award nomination for Menswear Designer, Spencer discusses dressing eclectically, the grooming service every man should indulge in, and why gentlemanly manners are as quintessential to good style as a great wardrobe.

1. Your style starts with your shoes. Shoes help to cement the foundation of every look.

2. Never be afraid of color, even if you just hint at it with an accent piece or accessory.

3. Invest in a key piece for each season. For Autumn/Winter it has to be a coat and for Spring/Summer an unconstructed blazer.

4. The cut of the garment is paramount; it must suit and be appropriate for your body and shape.

5. Make it yours! Be eclectic and mix up your wardrobe.

6. Good grooming complements your style. My personal recommendation is to keep your nails well manicured. If you can’t cut them well yourself, find someone who can.

7. With fragrance, the key is to find your own smell. Love it, own it, and stick with it. It may take you a while to find your signature smell, but once you do it will last a lifetime.

8. Manners maketh man.

9. Style is more than just the clothes you wear and the way you wear them. It’s about the way you walk, the way you shake hands, and the way you compose yourself.