Just One Phrase Will Save Your Relationship

In relationships, especially long-term ones, as a rule, disagreements cannot be avoided. However, the wisdom of partners and the ability to behave correctly in conflict situations smooth out controversial issues and prevent further development of quarrels.

The psychologist told me what phrase you can use to improve your relationship with your loved one. As it turned out, this is not “I love you” or “I’m sorry.”

According to the expert, it is important for the other half to show a desire to provide support and care. This can be done with the phrase: “How can I help you?” The phrase has a calming effect and can improve relationships. With its help, you can show that the problems, feelings and experiences of the other half are not indifferent. Also, in this way, you can express a desire to help.

The psychologist recommends using the phrase during disagreements and conflict situations. She will help establish feedback and defuse the situation.

People who took the expert’s advice noted that their love relationship improved and there was more understanding.

It is worth noting that with one phrase “How can I help you?” in general, the relationship does not improve. Of course, it will remove the degree of conflict and cause feedback. But words must be followed by actions. Otherwise, the next time the “lifebuoy” will not have the desired effect.