8 Tips for Strong Immunity

The role of immunity is obvious – it protects against all diseases, helps to always remain healthy and full of strength. It is also obvious that it needs to be increased. But how? There is no pill or elixir that can immediately help the immune system. This is a complex work, which implies rather commonplace things.

The immune system is more than one or more organs. Its elements – lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, and so on – are located throughout the body. Therefore, the work of immunity is so complex and begins at the cellular level. To strengthen it, you need to act in a comprehensive manner. Experts are sure that the effectiveness of the immune system depends on the person’s lifestyle. So you need to reconsider your habits. It is enough to adhere to only eight rules.

1. Quitting smoking

Cigarettes cause inflammation in the mouth and negatively affect the lungs. The immune system of smokers is always loaded several times more than non-smokers. Therefore, they are more likely to get sick even with non-serious viruses. Not to mention the serious diseases that smoking itself provokes, up to oncology. This bad habit catastrophically suppresses the immune system. And when there is a goal to increase it, first of all you need to get rid of it.

2. Reasonable consumption of alcohol

Alcoholic drinks interfere with the work of anti-tumor immunity. So, ideally, abandon them altogether. But even occasionally cutting back on extra drinks will lower your risk of liver problems, colon cancer, and other illnesses.

3. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits

Bad news: There is no superfood that can instantly boost immunity. No exotic fruit or seed is as effective. The good news is that all vegetables, fruits and berries are good for the immune system. You just need to eat them constantly, every day. At the same time, do not forget about other foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

4. Healthy sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important item to protect the body from disease. People who sleep poorly are more likely to experience colds and other ailments. Sleeping will strengthen your natural defenses and help you better tolerate vaccinations.

5. Normal body mass index

Obesity increases the risks of inflammation and various specific diseases. Which are able to “distract” the immune system from the fight against external factors.

6. Physical activity

They are needed for three reasons at once. First and foremost, exercise improves the functioning of the immune system. They also help to improve sleep and lose weight. This means that sports are as beneficial to health as possible.

7. Calmness

Stress triggers the release of hormones, which negatively affects the functioning of the immune system. Therefore, it is so important to be able to distract from them in time, to switch attention to something more positive and just calm down. Staying calm is an easy way to protect your health.

8. Observance of precautions

In a period of increased morbidity, there is no need to expose the body to unnecessary risk. Seasonal vaccination; regular check-ups with a doctor and timely elimination of problems; washing hands and food; airing the premises – all these are commonplace, but working methods that help not to get sick.

You need to maintain immunity constantly. These are not temporary measures, but a way of life. So don’t try to tackle everything at once. Gradually change your habits, do what you can do. So you take off unnecessary stress from the body and it will be easier for it to resist viruses and bacteria.