Why You Should Eat Tangerines

For many, this fruit is an essential attribute of winter. Great taste, fresh aroma, bright color – tangerines immediately attract attention and are so difficult to refuse. And it is not necessary! After all, they are not only tasty, but also very healthy. Let’s figure out what it is worth to love tangerines.

The value of tangerines is not only in their taste and associations with the winter holidays. The fruit has many beneficial properties for the body.

1. Rich composition

Juicy bright fruits contain vitamins, including elements of group B. They are simply necessary for good health. For example, B1 is needed for the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A B2 normalizes the thyroid gland, improves the condition of hair, skin, nails. Without vitamin B4, the nervous system and memory cannot function normally. Also, the pulp of the fruit contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, lutein and choline. The latter two provide good vision and liver health.

2. Low calorie content

Tangerines taste like a real dessert. Moreover, they have very few calories – 53 per 100 grams. Everything else is water, carbohydrates and fiber, which are needed for normal digestion. Orange fruits have a good effect on him, as well as on metabolism. This dietary product can be consumed even on fasting days.

3. Benefits for the gastrointestinal tract

Tangerines normalize metabolism and the digestive tract. They eliminate inflammatory processes in the liver, stomach, intestines and gallbladder. Helps to digest fats and balance the intestinal microflora. Mandarins have phytoncidal properties, therefore they are recommended for dysbiosis.

4. Strengthening the heart and blood vessels

Due to the vitamin composition, which also includes pectin, this fruit is considered one of the most beneficial for the cardiovascular system. However, for this it is worth using not only juicy pulp, but also the white fibers that cover the slices. This will lower the level of “bad” cholesterol, prevent the formation of blood clots and plaques, and improve blood flow. Due to this, the risk of stroke, heart attack and other similar ailments is reduced.

5. Improving mood

Tangerines are rich in fructose. This type of sugar is much better absorbed by the body. Therefore, you can eat more tangerines than regular sweets. At the same time, the taste is no worse. And the smell of citrus will immediately fill the house with a special atmosphere of a winter fairy tale. Thanks to this, tangerines cheer up, energize and help to overcome stress. The vitamin-rich composition also has a good effect on the nervous system.

6. Antiviral properties

Citrus fruits contain a lot of vitamin C and other components that strengthen the immune system. Therefore, they are able to protect the body from colds, flu and other viral diseases. If you often eat tangerines, you will get sick much less often.

How to pick good tangerines

To fully enjoy the taste and benefits, you should choose the best fruits. It’s not so difficult, it’s almost impossible to miscalculate. There are many varieties of tangerines, but they are all very sweet. Only a few flavors differ.

Some people prefer the bright orange Abkhaz varieties. They have a particularly sweet taste and a lot of seeds. Turkish or Israeli yellow fruits are also very popular. They are slightly more acidic and have much fewer seeds. Red clementines and mineoles also have a unique taste and stunning smell. In a word, you can choose any variety at your discretion.

In winter, tangerines can be found everywhere. It is easy to understand that fruits are fresh and ripe by their aroma and appearance. Stains on the peel, damage, mold, too dry skin – all this suggests that tangerines were not stored properly and deteriorated. You shouldn’t buy them. In order not to be mistaken, do not take pre-packaged fruits, but pick them yourself.

What to do with tangerines

Of course, the most obvious option is to eat. But you shouldn’t overuse fruit either. Therefore, you need to properly store the fruits so that they do not lose their properties in a few days. Tangerines need enough space and air, so don’t leave them in plastic. Excessive moisture will also harm them. The optimal place for storing them is a refrigerator, and the temperature is 5-7 degrees.

Tangerines can be consumed just like that. But they also cook a lot of delicious and interesting dishes with them. Desserts with these fruits will look great on the festive table. They make delicious baked meat. Also, tangerines are great for all kinds of salads, smoothies and cocktails.

Tangerines can be safely attributed to the best seasonal products. They are loved for their unique taste, pleasant smell, and festive atmosphere. Now you know that they are also useful. So do not deny yourself tangerines.