Doctors Advise How to Drink Coffee in The Summer

The aromatic drink is rich in caffeine. And this substance is distinguished by the property of strenuously removing fluid from the body, which can cause dehydration. This is especially dangerous on hot summer days, experts warn. They recommend drinking plain water before, after and between sips of coffee.

For a person with moderate activity, a glass of water for a cup is enough. But athletes and outdoor enthusiasts should drink as much liquid as possible during the day. After all, physical activity in hot weather already dehydrates the body.

It is also very important to monitor your well-being. But even in the absence of any discomfort, doctors advise against drinking more than three cups of coffee a day. This is the optimal number for the body to easily compensate for the loss of moisture. And for kidney stones or kidney problems, it is worth reducing the amount to one cup.