Yes, You Can Wear an All White Suite!

Here is How

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There was a touch of controversy over on Facebook earlier this week when we suggested a pair of white jeans as a summer essential. Apparently, some of you don’t believe men can rock white below the belt. Well, we’re here to let you know that not only are white jeans a must-have, but a white suit is a great summer look. Don’t believe us? Well, take it from Anna Zegna, the image director at Ermenegildo Zegna: “A white suit is perfect for summertime because it’s light and fresh but elegant as well. It’s also very easy to play with: For business you can wear it with a tie, while on the weekend you can create a more casual look with just a polo.” So how do you get the look? Pair your white suit with a colored dress shirt (blue and gray both work well) and a bold tie for a dressed-up look that says summer casual without getting all Colonel Sanders.