Men’s Shoes for Autumn and Winter: The Most Fashionable Models of this Season

We know that comfort and practicality are above all for you. Including shoes for every day. Practical, stylish and very comfortable – that is what they are, shoe models for fall and winter 2020-2021. Among the large assortment of trends, you will certainly find something for yourself! In the cold season, you also want to look fashionable and elegant. Shoes are not just a functional wardrobe item. It’s also an important styling tool. A noticeable part of any look. By changing only your shoes, you can completely change the direction of your style. That is why we have collected all the current trends of the season for you. After reading this article, you will definitely decide what you need to purchase.

Trends fall-winter 20/21

The range of trends for the upcoming season has never been greater than this year. Almost everything that men can like is in fashion. Designers suggest wearing rough shoes: lace-up army boots, trekking boots, classic Timbaland-style models. Oxfords and derbies, beloved by fashionistas, have not gone anywhere. Laconic “beatle boot” look very stylish. We also still wear sneakers underneath everything. And the comfortable desert boots are traditional lace-up boots that cover the ankle. And in frosty winter, you can’t do without warm men’s boots.

The variety of shades is also pleasing. The most fashionable colors this season will be navy blue, emerald green, red, sand and khaki shades. Brown, white and black are timeless classics that will always be relevant. Solid color shoes always look elegant. But if you prefer an original style or want to experiment, get at least one pair with a bright color accent – contrasting lacing, inserts from a different material or noticeable decor.

Consider the most top-end shoe models and figure out what to wear with them.


Rounded toe, closed lacing, small heel – Oxfords are timeless classics that once again topped the trend list. These low-rise shoes immediately add chic, sophistication and class to the outfit. A real must-have! You can combine them with any style. Of course, at a business meeting or gala event, Oxfords will be more than appropriate. But they also fit into the casual style well, complementing almost all jeans or trousers silhouettes.


These are comfortable shoes ideal for early fall when the weather is dry and relatively warm. Classic with a round toe, perforation, buckles, tassels, fringe or pointed toe – the variety of loafers this season scatters your eyes. They look equally good in matte leather and suede. Shoes of deep saturated shades look especially interesting. Complete your dandy look with loafers: wear with suits, tailored trousers or dandy trousers. Or play in contrast and wear them under regular jeans.


They resemble Oxfords, but have a slightly more casual “mood”. Therefore, brogues are not customary to wear under business suits. The characteristic features of the shoe are perforation in the form of holes, open or closed lacing and heel. This is a good option for jeans and casual pants. Any top is also suitable: leather jacket, parka, coat.


Sports shoes are undoubtedly the most comfortable and practical. For those who travel a lot on foot, it is difficult to imagine themselves in something else. Moreover, now it can be combined with different trousers, including strict ones. Therefore, designers have released many sneaker models. Both light for autumn and warmer for winter. In the cold season, give preference to models made of waterproof materials with insulation and rubberized soles. Neutral or colored – the choice is yours.


Beatle boot models with elastic bands on the sides are very comfortable to wear. They don’t need to be laced up or fiddled with zippers. Warm models can be worn in winter. Well, in the fall, this pair will become simply irreplaceable. Patent or matte leather, suede – choose any material and wear chelsea boots with straight trousers, jeans or chinos.

Rough lace-up boots

Military style boots with thick soles are perfect for rainy or snowy weather. These sit well on the leg, do not rub, do not get wet. They are very comfortable to walk even off-road, so they are the best choice for autumn outings. Military options on high lacing, almost to the knee, look unusual and bold. Modern fashion allows you to combine military-style models with almost everything from jeans to suit pants.


Popular cowboy-themed models are suitable for sub-zero temperatures. A sharp or round toe, a small heel or a rough “tractor” sole are relevant. It is convenient to tuck trousers into such boots, and they will definitely not let you freeze in the most severe frost.

How to choose good shoes

Model and color are, of course, important. But you need to pay attention to the quality of the shoes. Manufacturers use a variety of materials. And not all of them are suitable for rainy weather, snow and ice. Suede, patent leather or reptile trim looks very stylish and bright. But in the mud and slush, there is nothing better than durable nubuck and matte leather, natural or faux. But even in this case, in order for the pair to last as long as possible, it is better to apply a special water-repellent coating on it.

Choose the option with a stable sole for every day. The thicker it is, the more comfortable and softer you will be to walk. Also make sure the shoe has a good insole. The sporty, rubberized waterproof model is a good choice for hiking and outdoor activities. High-quality insulation will not let you freeze even in the most severe frost. But a pair without a warm lining will not work for winter.

When choosing a new pair, consider your clothing style. To combine shoes with it easier, give preference to dark shades and laconic shapes. Contrasting inserts, metal and textile decor, lacquered coating, crocodile-like leather will look advantageous in festive or daring looks. For a business suit, you need a simple classic pair with a minimum of decor. If you are not limited by the dress code, feel free to try different options. A combination of incongruous is in fashion!