Ready, Set, Fall: A Time to Create a New Look

What you can do this fall is to update your haircut, learn how to maintain your hair in at home and find a suitable perfume for the cold season.

Since the school days, a strong association has been developed: autumn is the time for new beginnings. It’s time to watch new TV series, choose a new route for a bike ride, a new suit for work and finally take on the look of your hair.

It is undoubtedly important to love and accept yourself. And you need to start any changes in appearance precisely from the position of self-acceptance, and not shame and contempt.

Physical activity and healthy eating are fundamental to health, wellness and appearance.

Almost all changes begin with an internal state, and sports and nutrition will give the necessary strength.

What you can do this fall is to update your haircut, learn how to maintain your hair in a “salon” state on your own, and also find a suitable perfume for the cold season.

Grey beard: keep or not to keep

Cold and wind also affect the condition of the hair. Weakened by a lack of sunlight and vitamins, hair during this period is more susceptible to brittleness and loses its shine. This is especially negative for the condition of hair with grey hair.

The first grey hair can happen at 20. But most often men after 35 face it. If age and related changes in the body are frightening, grey hair can cause a depression and a desire to urgently change something.

Before you go to the barbershop and leave a considerable amount for coloring there, or even worse – try to paint over the grey hair at home on your own, it is worth looking at the situation from a different angle.

This natural process can be wrapped up as an advantage and create a truly stylish look, like a local George Clooney. This does not take much effort.

First, update your haircut. Several months of quarantine might not pass unnoticed and the haircut could lose its clear shape. But shaving to zero is not worth it.

Secondly, it is worth choosing a toning shampoo. It will help neutralize the inevitable yellowness and give your hair a beautiful steel shade. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day with this shampoo – you can get an extravagant lilac hair.

It is also worth choosing a complex for the care of grey hair. For example, Wella Professionals SP Men – a set that includes a shampoo for sensitive scalp and a foam for coloring, if you still want to hide grey hair.

Emphasis on aroma

A good perfume will help to complete the look and give yourself confidence. The classic fall option is Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled. Warm, woody aroma with spicy bitterness and citrus sweetness.

Unlike the usual nuclear brutal, Boss Bottled sounds more comfortable. This scent will not choke others at the meeting and the girl on a date will definitely want to listen to it.

Autumn is a time for experimentation and self-improvement. Even small changes can create pride and a good mood. And when the sky is grey outside and the rain is pouring, any surge of serotonin counts.