What Snacks Go Best With Which Bottle of Booze?

Even those who have never drunk these drinks know how to eat beer or wine. To beer – chips, to red wine – meat, to white – fish … And what goes, for example, to whiskey? The rest of the alcohol also requires a special approach. Not all dishes are combined with strong alcohol. We will tell you how not to be mistaken with a snack.

The culture of drinking hard alcohol is diverse. Meat connoisseurs, fish lovers and vegetarians alike will find the perfect combination of food and drink. Before you are the most successful tandems of alcohol and snacks.


The Caribbean nectar that pirates loved so much is now popular with us. But despite the popularity of rum, not everyone knows how to drink it. Ideally, serve not just a chilled drink, but throw a couple of ice cubes into the glass. This will slightly soften the fiery taste and make savouring more enjoyable. This is especially important because rum is not usually a snack. No fish and meat dishes, salty and spicy snacks. No matter how some lovers defend the tandem of hot nectar and barbecue, or recommend eating it with shrimps – experts are against such combinations.

Only fruits are allowed. Rum goes well with sweet tropical flavors: pineapple, coconut, papaya. Avocado, by the way, is fine too. The fruit can be sprinkled with cinnamon to spice it up. And if the rum still burns, you can make some kind of cocktail with it. Based on this alcohol, there are many delicious recipes with the addition of fruit juices and plant milk.


This drink is also not accepted to have a snack. The tradition of drinking it with lemon, which has been going on since the last century, grossly violates the main rule: cognac does not need a snack. He has such a delicate bouquet that the tastes of any food, especially the sharp sour citrus fruits, easily interrupt him. Also, fruits, dark chocolate, hard cheese, olives or seafood are often served with cognac. True connoisseurs consider such combinations a perversion. And allow yourself to supplement your glass with only strong coffee and a cigar. Good tobacco, expensive cognac and black coffee are a truly masculine combination. But, if the taste of cognac is too harsh for you, you can safely break the rules and choose one of the above snacks.


It came to us from the distant Scottish lands, where harsh northerners from time immemorial have been eating whiskey with simple food. Fresh game only from the fire, beef tongue, smoked salmon – simple and at the same time aromatic spicy dishes. Also whiskey goes well with oysters, especially herbal varieties. Any meat and seafood will be just an ideal addition to a glass of noble alcohol. Fruit, however, is not very good. In order to taste the rich taste of the drink, it should be drunk correctly. Before serving, the bottle is cooled slightly, shaken and undiluted alcohol is poured (as in Ireland) or soda is added (according to the Scots tradition). Whiskey is drunk in small sips; each is held a little in the mouth to fully enjoy the wonderful bouquet.


With what they just do not drink the scalding drink so popular in our area. As practice shows, if necessary, you can have a snack of vodka with anything. Well, except, perhaps, sweets. A forty-degree drink does not go well with sweets and cookies. We do not even recommend trying. But a sandwich with fresh Borodino bread, fatty lard and garlic is a completely different matter. Or potatoes with herring, dill and onions. Probably the best snack for vodka!

In general, there is a whole system of how to properly eat a forty-degree drink. In order for a feast with vodka to go off with a bang, you need to try all the dishes in the correct order, from hot to cold. It’s worth starting with the most nutritious. Usually it is meat or fish. After the first stack, such food will remove the unpleasant aftertaste and will not immediately allow you to get drunk.

When you’re a little satiated, you can move on to enveloping dishes. These are all kinds of soups, salads, and also savoury snacks. They will help you stay sober longer and strengthen the pleasant taste sensations. But don’t skip to the salad right after the meat. Take at least a short break.

And already the next shots can be eaten with pickled mushrooms, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage and other pickles. Pickled and pickled vegetables go very well with vodka. And any appetizer with it will become even tastier if you add a ring of onions and sprinkle with a little vinegar. Such spicy and salty tastes, a combination of hot and cold food textures and a scalding drink create an indescribable combination that can bring true connoisseurs real bliss. The same rules apply to all such drinks: moonshine, brandy and others.


The main rule of using tequila is to eat salty and spicy. Before sipping a fiery Mexican drink, you need to eat a pinch of salt. And then a slice of lime or lemon. Cinnamon and orange are fine too. Although the Mexicans themselves drink tequila without any rituals, just like that. When it is already completely unbearable, they take a sip of sangrita. This is orange-pomegranate or tomato-orange juice flavored with pepper. Of the “unconventional” appetizers, fried seafood with spicy sauce stands out. Although not by the rules, but very tasty!


This alcohol leaves no one indifferent. Some people love it very much for its sweetish, even sugary taste, emphasized by the refreshing notes of herbs. Others hate it and compare it to cough syrup. Such a rich bouquet does not go well with every meal. Some herbal settings Рsambuca, Jägermeister Рare generally not accepted to jam. They are drunk clean, diluted with water and ice, or to improve the taste of coffee or tea. If you really want a snack, a classic lemon slice with a pinch of cinnamon is the best option. Sugary, dessert varieties need a sweet snack. Cherry liqueur will be even tastier when combined with candied cherries. The vanilla flavor will be emphasized by the same pastries.


Juniper vodka, originally from Holland, has a very pungent taste. Therefore, they often drink it mixed with tonic. Gin and tonic are timeless classics in bars and clubs. When the British first came up with this cocktail, it became so fond of the regulars of drinking establishments that it quickly became one of the most frequently consumed drinks in the world. Both olives, lemon or pickled onions go well with it and pure gin. These hot and sour flavors perfectly complement the intoxicating effect of alcohol.


This is the strongest alcohol in the world, the “power” of which can reach 80 degrees. Therefore, few can boast of the ability to drink a glass of absinthe without drinking or having a snack. Since the nineteenth century, the tradition of making a very intricate cocktail from it stretches. In addition to the absinthe itself and a glass, it will require refined sugar, a lighter and a special spoon with holes. A sugar cube is placed in it and placed over an empty glass. From above you need to carefully pour the emerald drink and set it on fire. You will get a high-grade caramel that will drain into the glass. In a ratio of one to three, it is diluted with water and drunk.

But it is not necessary to bother so much in the style of the aristocrats of past centuries. To get a similar effect, just dilute regular sugar in water and mix this syrup with absinthe. Or just dilute it with water in equal proportions and drink like that. Specific snacks are offered. The French prefer to eat absinthe with sour fruits (oranges, apples, grapes), olives or blue cheese. Of the more classic options, the taste of the cocktail is well set off by dark chocolate.