List of Foods You Should Avoid

Experienced athletes know that nutrition is more important than training and sports supplements. You can exercise every day, but you will not lose weight and will not achieve high results if you eat anyhow. What kind of food is holding you back on your way to your goal?

It is not even necessary to play sports professionally to notice the effects of unhealthy diet. There are many “empty” foods that not only do not benefit the body, but also do not saturate. If you eat this kind of food, you will not get enough energy, gain excess weight, and you can get health problems. While some of the foods on this list seem to be healthy, they are all empty calories that shouldn’t be bought.

Yogurt with additives

Delicious milk dessert is a real sugar bomb. There are up to 20 g of sugar per 100 g of the product, which is a lot. Accordingly, eating yogurt causes an insulin spike and subsequent fat storage. All this is a load on organs, blood vessels and health in general.

 Diet cookies

0 calorie desserts are one of the most useless things on supermarket shelves. If there is something delicious, then it should contain healthy fiber and fat. So you will feel full at least in time and avoid overeating. And dietary pretzels and biscuits can be eaten in kilograms without getting satiety. And when there is also a lot of salt in them, it leads to diseases of bones, joints, kidneys and other organs.

Rice cakes

Low-calorie foods “trick” your body. It seems that you have eaten a lot. But the complete absence of calories and useful microelements in the bread does not allow them to properly saturate the stomach. Because of this, blood sugar levels rise. And quite strong, the glycemic index of such “healthy foods” is 91. Whereas in pure glucose it is 100.

Refined premium flour

Such flour, as well as all baked goods made from it (in fact, 99% of store baked goods) are absolutely useless. It lacks natural fibers, wheat germ and vitamins. All there is is calories, which can lead to obesity.


Very high-calorie food with a high carbohydrate content. The saccharides in the flakes make the insulin jump. And he, in turn, contribute to the deposition of fat reserves. Therefore, overuse of oatmeal leads to weight gain.

Nut mix

The nuts themselves are healthy. But if the manufacturer has improved their taste with a sweet or salty powder, you will get harm instead of good. The end result is regular nut candy rather than a natural, hearty snack. They can cause digestive and liver problems. It is also worth paying attention to the composition of such sets. Most often they contain a lot of peanuts. And with him you should not overdo it. Overuse of peanuts harms the digestive system and joints. There is also a risk of individual intolerance.

Protein bar

In terms of composition, these bars are preferable to regular candies as they contain healthy protein. But they also have plenty of carbs and fat. And these are calories that provoke weight gain if they are not immediately burned. They also load the stomach and circulatory system. If you are not very active in sports and you do not need additional nutrition to close the protein-carbohydrate window, protein bars are not worth buying.

Sports cocktails

They are also needed only by those who are very active in sports and want to gain weight. Sports nutrition contains a lot of sugar, electrolytes and other ingredients that your body does not need at all during normal exercise. Frequent use of such shakes leads to an increase in excess weight. In order not to collect it, it is better to give preference to plain water.

Diet sodas

In some ways, sweeteners are even more harmful than regular sugar. After all, they do not give anything at all. The body thinks that it has received something sweet, which means that it has replenished its energy reserves. Insulin is produced, due to which excess fat is deposited. But there is no energy to burn it. Therefore, weight increases, as do the risks of diseases.

Fruit juice

Most of the options available in stores have very little real fruit juice. But there are enough harmful substances and sugar. However, even a natural but carefully filtered drink is not at all healthy. After all, the bulk of trace elements is contained in the pulp and skin of the fruit. Therefore, only fructose remains in such juice, which loads the liver and blood vessels.