Men’s belt: How to Choose and Wear?

A well-chosen wardrobe is an integral part of the image of a modern man. You don’t have to follow all the fashion trends and buy tons of new items in all the colors of the rainbow. But it is important to have the necessary base and correctly combine it with each other. And you can’t do without a belt.

Basic things are not only good quality pants, shirts, coats and other clothes. But also good shoes. And also classic accessories that will never go out of style. Every man should have at least a couple of watches, ties and, of course, a belt. We have compiled the most important tips for you: how to find the perfect belts, how to wear them and with what.

How to choose the right belt

The purpose of the belt is not limited solely to a utilitarian function. Today, the belt not only supports the pants, but also acts as an addition, or even a bright accent to the image. In order for it to harmoniously complement the clothes, it is important to find the very “own” accessory. There are several nuances and secrets here.

The size

Like any other wardrobe item, the belt has a dimensional grid. It should fit perfectly at the waist. Product size is the length from the buckle to the center hole on the tail. It is always indicated on the tag. Most brands use the traditional American letter system, with S for small, M for medium, and L for large. The letter X is the prefix “extra”: XL – extra large or XS – smallest. The European size grid is also very popular. Here the size is in centimeters. And it means the waist circumference plus or minus 4 centimeters.

In addition to the length of the belt, its width is also important. It depends on the type of pants. “Gold standard” – 3-3.5 cm. This belt goes well with everything, first of all – with classic suit trousers. With loose jeans, you can wear a wider belt – 5-6 centimeters. And with skinny pants – up to 2.5 cm.

Ideally, the width of the belt and belt loops on the trousers should be approximately the same. In a casual style, this rule can be neglected. But if the belt is noticeably narrower than the belt loop, then it needs to be “supported” by other details of the image. Wear a thin tie, boots with tapered socks, or a jacket with small lapels.


The timeless classic is genuine leather. But you can take a high-quality artificial one. To determine the quality of the product, run your fingernail along its back. A small mark should remain on natural soft leather. If the material is not malleable, then it is bad synthetics or it has already aged.

A belt made of good materials serves for a long time and looks decent with any clothing. So it’s not worth saving. However, you don’t need to overpay just for the brand. It is better to give preference to the middle price segment, as in the choice of other elements of the image. Moreover, very expensive belts do not go well with cheap trousers, and vice versa. Such combinations immediately betray a lazy approach to wardrobe creation.

How to wear a men’s belt

The wearing of this accessory is regulated not only by fashion laws, but also by etiquette. According to him, men should fasten belts from right to left so that the buckle is on the left side. You need to thread the product only into special belt loops. You cannot use sewn-on labels for this.

It is believed that a suitable accessory can be freely fastened to the third hole from the beginning. Otherwise, the belt just doesn’t fit. However, to comply with this rule, you do not need to sacrifice comfort and overtighten the strap. This is simply harmful.

Do not leave a tail that is too long. It is advisable that it is no longer than your thumb. In everyday looks, a little longer is acceptable. But if there is always too much material left, it is best to just cut it off. The free edge must be tucked into both rings, both fixed and movable.

It is not recommended to frequently pierce additional holes in the belt. Especially do it yourself, the first object that comes to hand. This can tear the material. In addition, when there are many holes on the belt, it does not look so neat. If another hole is required, it is better to entrust the work to the master. And instead of punctures, you can remove the buckle and simply cut off the excess length.

In a business style, it is unacceptable to cling to the belt all kinds of decor and accessories like a phone case or a housekeeper. And in everyday looks, too heavy additional details ugly pull the belt and deform it. Therefore, if possible, avoid an abundance of decor.

The best combinations

Even the most stylish and elegant belt can be ruined by incorrect combinations. Let’s figure out how to match it to clothes and shoes.

The easiest way to avoid mistakes is to wear a belt to match your shoes. In the same shade, you can pick up a watch strap, as well as a bag. If they have a similar texture, it will make the image more strict and thoughtful. Glossy brown boots have a shiny brown strap. Black matte shoes will complement the belt made of black matte leather. However, you don’t have to try so hard every time. Undoubtedly, for a business dinner, it is better to wear a dark leather belt to match the shoes. But for every day with sneakers, you can wear belts from different materials in different shades.

As for the buckle, it should also match the overall style of the outfit. Classic clothes are paired with minimalist rectangular buckles in gold or silver metal. With jeans, you can afford brighter options. The metal of the buckle can (but not necessarily) be matched to other metal details of the outfit: watch bracelets, cufflinks, rings.

A belt is a mandatory attribute of an image with a two-piece suit or just with trousers and a shirt. However, this accessory excludes suspenders. Which can be worn instead of him on more solemn occasions. For example, with a tuxedo for an evening party. Everyday looks do not require a belt. But it certainly won’t hurt regular jeans or chinos.

The most difficult thing is to choose a belt to match the color of your pants. So, with any denim, from light blue to deep blue, brown details look better. Trousers in darker colors are combined with both black and brown belts. If the pants are very light in color, you can pair them with a gray, beige or red strap.

Every man should have at least one basic black or dark brown belt (to match most of the shoe wardrobe). So it is worth starting with the purchase of such a product. Some brands offer reversible accessories, with black and brown sides. This is a good all-round option.

How to adjust your figure using the belt

Details of the image can both emphasize the dignity of the figure and show the flaws. Therefore, you should be careful with the belt. If you don’t want to focus on the waist, it should be as invisible as possible, and vice versa.

By combining shades of trousers, belt and shirt, you can visually stretch your height and even “throw off” a couple of kilograms. So this is a good life hack for shorter men. And in order, on the contrary, to visually reduce the height and appear a little wider, it is worth choosing contrasting belts.

How to look after your belt

In order for the product to serve for a long time and maintain a presentable appearance, it must be properly looked after. First of all, it is better to initially take things of decent quality. No protruding threads, cracks, scuffs. But even a quality belt takes time to spread and adapt to the shape of the waist.

The belt must be periodically removed from the trousers and hung by the buckle to avoid creases. The accessory needs to be cleaned from time to time. It is enough to wipe its length and buckle with a slightly damp cloth.

Remember that the details create style. And nothing will emphasize your status like the right accessories. So don’t skimp on yourself and waste time looking for a good belt. We hope these tips will help you find one that fits perfectly into your wardrobe, is comfortable and practical.