Top Gift Ideas for 2020/2021

This time of the year, I especially want a miracle and a holiday. Start creating a magical atmosphere now – choose gifts for your loved ones. To make it easier for you, we have made a selection of many options. Here are the most useful and interesting gift ideas.

Presents should be special, modern, and useful. And at the same time, touching, so that it immediately became clear what you thought about the person when you chose. So no banal mugs, dust collectors in the form of a symbol of the year and template gift sets from the supermarket “3 for the price of 1”. Only practical, relevant and sincere ideas! These are universal things that you can give your soul mate, and parents, and a friend, and a colleague, and even your beloved.

Warm clothes

To create real winter coziness, you definitely need a large warm blanket, knitted mittens, socks or slippers. Small cute accessories made of quality wool are a versatile gift. It is difficult to miscalculate with the size, and it will definitely come in handy on frosty days. Just do not give adults too childish things – with deer, bunnies and the like. Take minimalistic products without unnecessary decor in light pastel shades. Everyone likes them.

Table game

Winter holidays are the perfect time to get together and play an interesting game! The choice is simply huge: classic and everyone’s favorite options like “Monopoly”, “Mafia” or “Imaginarium”; thematic publications based on books and films; games for small and large companies; turn-based, with active tasks, logic or just funny. This is a great present for friends with whom you will celebrate the New Year. And also for a familiar couple or you and your significant other (if you buy an interesting game with spicy tasks for two).

Eco gift

The trend towards a conscious attitude to nature does not lose its relevance. A person who cares about the world around him and his health should definitely give something on this topic. For example, a set of cotton or knitted eco-bags for fruits and vegetables; string bag with which you can go to the store. Reusable straws or food containers are always useful. And a large family can be presented with a whole set of dishes made of eco-friendly materials: glass, steel, natural bamboo. Similar products can be found in bright, vintage or laconic designs.

Notebook Stand

If a person has a laptop, he will definitely like the stylish comfortable stand with which you can comfortably sit on the bed or sofa. These are found in home improvement stores. They are different: plastic, soft, wooden.

Unusual smartphone charger

Eternally tangled wires or boring, similar charging stations are not attractive to anyone. Another thing is charging in the form of a vase or organizer for small things! A custom charger is both a practical gift and a stylish decor. If you search, you can find various versions of this familiar thing.

Flower pot

Those who have many flowers at home will definitely need another pot. Just let it be a beautiful and boring option that will really decorate the interior. Both large garden centers and small shops with handmade décor have good options. For example, a glass florarium or a concrete pot.

Aroma diffuser

This is a device for aroma oil or special sticks that spreads pleasant aromas in the room. A good gift for creating a warm, relaxing atmosphere on winter days.

Scratch map

A cute present for avid travellers. By erasing the top cover from the map, you can mark the countries you have visited and tune in to new adventures.

Portable disinfector for gadgets

Such a device is designed for ultraviolet disinfection of a smartphone. This unusual gadget will appeal to both fans of techno novelties and those who want to feel as protected as possible from all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

Orthopaedic pillow

What 99% of your friends need. After all, we all sit at the computer for hours, spend a lot of time behind the wheel. A good pillow to sleep or to support your back while seated can help relieve pain and other consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

Stylish container for drinks

So that your friend does not forget to drink water during the day and can take his favorite drink with him everywhere, give him a bright flask or bottle for water, a shaker, a thermos or a thermo mug. The latter, by the way, have now turned into real gadgets. They are equipped with a temperature sensor and other technological functions. For a product to be one hundred percent safe, there should be no plastic in it. Take stainless steel or glass models.

Sports equipment

If someone close to you is involved in a certain sport or wants to try it for a long time, give him the necessary equipment so that he can train at home. Choose a gymnastic rug and equipment in the same color scheme, it will look very cool.

Massage foot bath

At the end of the year, everyone wants to completely relax and de-stress. This will help a bath with a hydromassage function. Such a pleasant procedure improves blood flow, very relaxes and restores tone. There are models in different designs with different massage modes.

Travel organizer

Convenient organizers for documents, equipment or various small items make getting ready for the trip much easier. Such little things will definitely come in handy for those that often travel somewhere. However, the present will also be relevant for someone who rarely travels, but constantly loses something because of a mess in a suitcase.

Film camera

A cute heartfelt present for vintage fans, professional photographers, amateurs and just close friends, the moments with whom you want to capture on film.


A beautiful notebook with many sections for writing down a variety of plans and affairs is a useful little thing that will help you start the year with fresh ideas, inspiration and good mood.

Course or master class

Impressions and knowledge are much more valuable than material things. Those eventually break down or get lost. And the skills gained in an interesting master class will remain with a person forever. If your loved ones are especially interested in something, find the right online or offline training for them.

Individual gift set

It’s a great idea to put together a set for a person. Choose several things, united by one theme, and pack beautifully. Those with a sweet tooth will probably want to try different interesting sweets that are not available in all stores. A friend who started his vlogging will be delighted with a portable tripod, a lavalier microphone and a ring light.

For a girl, mom or sister, you can buy a beauty box with their favorite cosmetics. But in order not to miscalculate, you need to clarify in advance which brand they prefer, and choose from the options offered on its website. An active colleague who is going on a hike on vacation will be pleased to receive a set with everything necessary for outdoor recreation as a gift.

Of course, it is easier to make such gifts knowing the tastes, interests and desires of the person. But even a new acquaintance can pick up a few always necessary little things in one color and style, attach something tasty.

How to complement the gift

Agree, just giving something in store packaging is not at all festive. You should definitely wrap your gift in bright New Year’s or stylish craft paper, put it in a nice box, fabric bag or other beautiful packaging. Put a postcard to it. In the days of social media, this tradition is especially valuable. If you can’t find anything suitable in the store, just print the picture you like and sign it by hand.

And for those closest to you, you can make an especially warm congratulation – a collage with joint photos in the New Year’s theme. You can also complement the present with delicious gingerbread, cookies or sweets. It is especially great if you cook the goodies yourself. Such little things will definitely cheer you up and will be remembered for a long time!