What to Do With Yourself During the Quarantine

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, most countries have been quarantined. Of course, for people, everything that happens is very unusual and tiring. Here are some basic activities you can try to add variety to your boring routine.

Now school and preschool institutions, universities, shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings and catering establishments are closed. Children and adults are forced to stay at home. However, you need to be patient and think over your new daily routine.

It is not at all necessary to sit on the Internet all day in search of new information about the coronavirus. Moreover, in addition to reliable facts, you can find a fairly large number of all kinds of fakes. And this, you must admit, very strains the nervous system. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun activities that will brighten up your long days of forced isolation at home.

1. Reading books

This is an old and proven way to use your free time not only profitably, but also with pleasure. Thanks to books, you will not only broaden your horizons, but also improve your visual memory and brain activity. Many people prefer to read books in print. Others use electronic. This does not change the benefit of reading. The modern online library is rich in a huge amount of world and domestic literature. Books are easy to download and read, even if there is no Internet. And if you are not fond of fiction, you can always read an encyclopedia or interesting reference books. Spending time reading is a wonderful way not only to while away the day, but also to get spiritual satisfaction.

2. Sports activities

Many of us are used to spending time in the gym. However, due to forced necessity, the gym is temporarily canceled. But don’t be discouraged. You can also go in for sports at home. Moreover, now there is enough time for this. Many athletes also exercise at home during quarantine. They share their experience online on how to improve their health and tone up. Indeed, in addition to swimming in the pool, football, cycling, there are other types of sports training. This is yoga, fitness, aerobics, workout and so on. And there is also a rather intellectual occupation – chess. This is also a sport.

3. Computer games

Nowadays computer games are one of the most interesting and popular ways of spending free time. Moreover, there is enough of it. Video game lovers have at their disposal a huge number of all kinds of genres, for every taste and color. This is also an RPG in which you need to complete intricate tasks and understand a complex plot. Detectives, where you need to investigate and find the criminal. Races and so on. You can also involve your children in this exciting activity. They will take part in the game with great pleasure. The main difference between computer games and a movie is that any video game makes you immerse yourself as much as possible in the thick of events and become a participant in them. While the events in the cinema are perceived from the outside.

4. Board games

If you don’t live alone, be sure to involve your family in this exciting activity. Online stores have a large assortment of all kinds of interesting and intelligent entertainment, where you can all express yourself. These are “Monopoly”, “Civilization”, “Jenga”, “Ticket to Ride” and others. Time passes quickly with interesting board games.

5. Watching movies and TV series

Lovers of going to the cinema can now be content with only watching TV series at home. You can do this with your family, sitting comfortably on the couch watching the TV, with a laptop or tablet. However, we must not forget that it is not recommended to abuse this activity. We must remember the dangers of long-term viewing and take breaks.

6. Self-development

Due to the established quarantine, most people now have to stay at home. But even this time can be spent with benefit. In addition to everyday household chores and entertainment, there is an opportunity to engage in self-development. Thanks to the Internet, you can learn a foreign language. On the Internet, you will find a lot of offers of qualified teachers and courses. There is also an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of many other professions. You can listen to courses on playing the guitar or other instruments. Learn acting and even singing. Music will always brighten up gray everyday life and raise your mood. Right now you have time to do what you could not afford earlier.

7. Working from home

If during quarantine you cannot attend your work, or your company is temporarily closed, then there is an opportunity to search for deleted vacancies on the Internet. Try to familiarize yourself with the offers of employers and find an occupation that will generate income.

8. Communication with your family

Nowadays, as a result of a lot of busyness, sometimes there is not enough time to communicate with the family. After all, office work takes a lot of time and effort. And, having come home, sometimes you just want to be in silence and not communicate with anyone. Now many have enough free time. And it should be carried out for the benefit of yourself and your family. Just communicate with them, do some common business, and also involve children in joint leisure.

9. Needlework

It happens that TV shows, books and games are already a little fed up. In this case, you can do needlework. All your skills and imagination will come in handy here. Handicrafts are now becoming more and more popular, and handmade items are less and less perceived as a hobby for bored housewives. Currently, handicraft is an independent direction of freelancing, which brings a good income. Moreover, during the quarantine period, you can usefully while away your free time. Try to do modeling, modeling, making all kinds of crafts. It is easy to find many sites and videos with training lessons on the Internet. There you will receive expert advice in many areas.

10. Creativity

If you have free time on the occasion of quarantine, then you can do some kind of creativity. In childhood, many of us did this. However, over time, they forgot about such an interesting pastime. There are some very interesting video tutorials on YouTube. And thanks to modern technologies today it is possible to use not only paper and pencil, but also electronic devices – a tablet and a stylus. And you can do 3-D modeling at all. Using your imagination, you will learn to reproduce ideas and images. A very good lesson is drawing pictures by numbers. Even without artistic ability, beautiful paintings can be created. Samples are simply ordered online. Choose a landscape, still life or something else to your taste. Instructions, paints and brushes are included.

Let’s hope that soon this unpleasant streak will end, we will all return to our permanent jobs and life will improve. In the meantime, health to you, endurance, patience, and understanding. Combine these activities with other equally interesting and useful activities. Write in the comments how you spend your time during the quarantine period?