Is Pu-erh Tea Healthy or Not?

Puer is a post-fermented tea. It differs from its “fellows in the shop” in a slightly unusual production technology: tea leaves are harvested, then they are processed like green tea, and then the most interesting thing begins – microbial fermentation. You got it, right? Well, if you have forgotten a little what it is, then we will tell you – artificial or natural aging. Tea is simply aged and during this process it acquires unusual properties.

Is “old” pu-erh tea healthy or not?

Pu-erh has overgrown with a mass of rumors, which are not always confirmed. It is called a magic healing drink, and many consider it a panacea for all diseases in the world. We will try to figure out together with you – what is the use of puer and what is its harm, if any.

The effect depends entirely on the quality

The first thing you should remember about pu-erh is that the effect of drinking tea fully depends on its quality. If you decided to save money and purchased a budget product, do not expect something like that from it. Compare the purchase of pu-erh tea with the purchase of a new device – the more sophisticated the last one, the more expensive it is. You should not expect good video and photo quality from a smartphone for a symbolic price.

But it may well be that if you buy pu-erh at an average cost, it may turn out to be much tastier for you than super expensive. In this matter, everything completely depends on your preferences. If you decide to dive into this topic, then take the time to study information about the species, how to choose tea, what technology it is steamed with and how it is drunk. Don’t have time for detailed study? Then do not be too lazy to at least find out the details from the seller in the store.

Pu-erh fights cholesterol

It is already a proven fact that Puerh significantly improves lipid profile. It actively fights bad cholesterol and establishes a certain balance between low and high density lipoproteins. If you are wondering what it is, then let’s say in simple terms: it is better to increase the latter, but low density lipoproteins need to be reduced. And pu-erh will be an excellent assistant to you in this matter.

Experts say that pu-erh contains lovastatin. Today, statins are considered the most effective drugs for controlling blood cholesterol levels, as well as high and low lipoproteins. But don’t expect a cup of pu-erh to significantly improve your cholesterol levels. It contains much less statins than drugs.

The researchers conducted experiments on a group of volunteers who had high cholesterol levels. After passing the experiment, it decreased, albeit not much (the initial indicator was 4.32 nmol / l, the final one was 3.81 nmol / l).

In addition, most of them lost weight, people began to feel much better. This effect was due to the caffeine contained in pu-erh. It was he who influenced the decrease in body weight of the subjects.

Pu-erh versus fat

A proven fact that this tea successfully fights visceral fat. If you do not know what kind of “beast” it is, then let’s just say – this fat is formed on the stomach and sides, it envelops all the organs of a full person. As a result, their work deteriorates.

It turned out that gallic acid is present in pu-erh. It is she who is an ardent opponent of visceral fat and successfully fights against it. The Japanese conducted a study and came to the conclusion that regular drinking of pu-erh tea significantly reduces visceral fat in 3 months of intake.

After that, more experiments were carried out and this fact was confirmed. Moreover, it became known that even ordinary fat was leaving, and not just visceral fat.

Therefore, if you are overweight or have your relatives, friends, then puer will help with this problem. In a fat person, cholesterol levels usually leave much to be desired. However, don’t expect that by drinking a couple of cups of puerh a day, you don’t have to do anything else. The fat melts, you become Alain Delon in the best years of his life. Puerh is not a super fat burner – he is one of the assistants in the difficult struggle with extra pounds.

In a separate column I would like to highlight another effect of taking pu-erh tea – antibacterial. Of course, it cannot be called an antibiotic, but it is also impossible to say that it is a simple tea. But with a mild form of flu, drinking pu-erh will help fight the first symptoms.

Pu-erh invigorates … pu-erh does not invigorate?

You are an athlete in great robust health and you don’t care about all those fats, cholesterols and stuff. Only one question interests – does pu-erh invigorate as they say? Definitely – yes! But still not to the extent that one might like.

Different varieties of pu-erh have different amounts of caffeine – some of it is 70 mg per cup, some – 100 mg. The fact how many cups you drink per day also plays a role. If you are addicted to energy drinks, then do not expect a special invigorating effect from tea. But if you rarely use them, then pu-erh will become an excellent charge of energy and vigor for you. 

Pu-erh and GABA

Multiple studies of this type of tea have shown that it is not only an invigorating drink. It slows down the nervous system a little and interacts like GABA. The reason for this effect is a neurotransmitter.

The researchers got very interesting results from the experiments they carried out. They said that when comparing pu-erh tea to white tea, the latter contains more GABA. Therefore, if your goal is to calm down, then give preference to white Chinese tea, but not puerh.

The benefits of pu-erh

Speaking about the healing properties of this tea, the main ones can be distinguished:

  • it has a positive effect on the activity of the stomach, improves digestion;
  • has a calming effect;
  • improves brain activity;
  • increases concentration of attention;
  • improves performance and mood;
  • improves tone and invigorates
  • Along with the “slimming” effect, pu-erh perfectly removes toxins and toxins from the body, accelerates metabolism. This tea is the only one of its kind, which is recommended for gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis and ulcers). Pu-erh has a positive effect on the spleen, it lowers blood sugar levels.

If you watch your appearance, then you will definitely be pleased with another useful property of puer – it rejuvenates. In addition, tea increases disease resistance and immunity, and strengthens the body as a whole. Moreover, pu-erh is considered an excellent anti-cancer prevention and stabilizes blood pressure.

Speaking about the beneficial properties of pu-erh tea, one should not forget that for some people its use is contraindicated. So, it can cause harm by acting on the stomach acidic environment – it increases it. As a result, pain cramps and heartburn may appear.

  • children under 3 years old;
  • pregnant women (it is possible, if the doctor permits, but in limited quantities);
  • with an increase in body temperature (increases it even more);
  • just before bed.
  • Hypertensive patients are not recommended to drink pu-erh, because it increases blood pressure. In addition, tea has a diuretic effect. If a person has urolithiasis, then you should not use it – it can move the stones from their place and cause acute attacks of pain.

Shu and sheng pu’er

Finally, we will tell you about the difference between Puer Sheng and Shu tea, because they are harvested on the same plantations, from the same bush.

The difference between the two appears in the processing of tea leaves. Shu is ready-made tea, shen is raw. The latter is processed lightly, dried naturally and pressed.

Shu pu-erh is artificially aged – the leaves are fried, dried by means of hot air, and then the leaves are poured with water for their discussion.

Sheng tea contains a lot more amino acids and vitamins. Neither one nor the second type of pu-erh loses its beneficial properties. The differences in them lie in the number of spills and the method of brewing. So, shu tea gives about 5 excellent straits, and shen – up to 10.