Men’s Swimwear: How to Find Swimming Trunks, Shoes and Related Accessories

How to choose the right men’s wardrobe for going to the beach, we will tell you in today’s article.

Summer vacation is a time that many are looking forward to. As a Rule No., even a few months before it begins, preparations begin – choosing a country, booking a hotel and related troubles. However, many men forget or do not devote enough time to their beach wardrobe.

How to choose the right men’s wardrobe for going to the beach, we will tell you in today’s article.

Beach shoes

Beach shoes should be comfortable, non-slip and made from a material that dries quickly. The best option is flip flops, which look out of place in the city, but are perfect for the beach.

For beaches with rocky surfaces, coral, or where stingrays and sea urchins live, it is advisable to take closed rubber swimming shoes with fasteners designed for swimming that will not subside in the water.

Since you are not limited to staying at the seaside, be sure to take a change of shoes with you on your trip. These can be espadrilles, slip-ons, boat shoes, or moccasins that go well with summer pants and shorts. This is a good choice for an evening walk along the promenade or yacht. These shoes usually have non-slip and embossed soles.


The headpiece is selected depending on the rest of the clothes and the design features of the swimming trunks. To protect your head from the sun’s rays on the beach, three types of accessories are suitable:

– baseball cap;

– straw or cotton hat;

– Panama hat.

Choose hats in light colors and made from natural, breathable materials.


If you are relaxing with your girlfriend, phone, book, wallet, glasses can be placed in her beach bag. In this case, you will not be puzzled by the choice and purchase of a men’s beach bag. But there is also a downside to the coin – your beloved will have to wear things herself, and this does not paint a man.

If you decide to purchase a bag, we recommend paying attention to the following models:

– Tote bag. It is roomy, with long handles and often with one compartment. The assortment of colors and prints is very diverse. This is the best option for the beach.

– Backpack. It is not necessary to take a hiking option. A medium-sized backpack will be enough, which will fit all the necessary beach attributes.

– Travel bag. It can be supplemented with a shoulder strap for increased wearing comfort.

Swimming trunks

Designs and colors are very diverse – from classic to exclusive. For light skin, swim trunks in dark tones are suitable, and for tanned skin, warm and bright colors. Therefore, you should take several pairs of swimming trunks for rest.

The style can also be different – from ultra-short swimming trunks to long swimming shorts. Experts in fashion consider both the first and second options to be extremes. Short swimming trunks look vulgar, and long ones – in a puritanical way.

Short swim shorts are acceptable if used as intended. They are supplemented with pockets, buttons, clasps. However, they do not go to cafes and do not walk along the embankment.

Classic swimming trunks are comfortable for swimming, as they do not hinder movement and do not look pretentious.