The Simplest Recipes For The Bachelor

Few bachelors will “bother” with cooking. Just for such men, our selection of truly bachelor recipes!

The simplest recipes for the bachelor

 What is the life of a bachelor? Spending time in the proud solitude, and only sometimes – in the female company; washing socks only in the full moon (just like shaving) … Yes, such cases are not uncommon. But also a normal single man is completely alien to regular culinary exploits. Few bachelors will “bother” with cooking, because it’s silly to spend a lot of precious time, effort and energy just to get full. Our selection of truly bachelor recipes is just for such men!

Sausage Hedgehogs

The recipe for this dish is ideal for the bachelor, because it is as simple as possible in preparation, and the result is usually a wild delight. Yes, and the nourishment it has excellent.

What you need:

– Spaghetti – preferably a pack of 900 g, to last longer;

– Sausages or sausages – as much as you like (also suitable with cheese);

– salt.

How to cook. Let’s cut wieners or sausages into 4 cm thick slices or halves. Now take out “spaghettinis” and pierce the pieces of sausage or wiener until you have pinned their entire volume. Then we drop these “hedgehogs” into boiling salted water and simmer for about 15 minutes. The “hairy wieners” look masterpiece, don’t they?

Filet and mashed potatoes on the side

“And with beer” flashed in my head… But not this time. So, you walk home from work with the depressing thought that the last cockroach has escaped from your apartment, because even he could not find something to eat in the kitchen. Your stomach rumbles treacherously… To save the situation, we suggest you treat yourself to the tastiest bachelor dinner!

What you need:

– potatoes – about 1 kg;

– chicken fillet or breast – half a kilo;

– onions – a couple of pieces;

– salt and spices for the meat.

How to cook. To start, we put aside all the business, completely devoting ourselves to cooking for 40 minutes. We play our favorite music and, singing along, peel the potatoes. We wash them, pour water on them and put them on the fire. Now we take up the meat. We wash it and cut into small pieces. We mix it with salt, pepper and your favorite spices. Fragrant spices, juicy meat put on a heated frying pan with sunflower oil and fry, stirring occasionally.

It’s time to chop onions. After a brief weeping we put onion rings in a shallow saucepan, pour there the same fillet and let them stew for 6-8 minutes. After making mashed potatoes from the boiled potatoes we can proceed with a clean heart to the long-awaited dinner: mashed potatoes – 3/4 of the space on the plate, filet – 1/4, and the remaining space is perfect for a tomato or a cucumber.

Spaghetti Carbonara.

Any bachelor would benefit from a couple of recipes with a nice fancy name. For this purpose, a delicious and easy-to-cook dish from traditional Italian cuisine will do just fine. Good thing Italians are as anti-complicated as we are!

What you need:

– spaghetti – a packet of 500 g will suffice;

– cream maximum 20% fat – 300 ml;

– bacon – 300 grams (you can replace it with loin or brisket);

– Hard cheese – 100 grams;

– Eggs – 2 pieces and 2 extra yolks;

– salt.

How to cook. First, we cut the bacon into small and thin slices. We fry them in a pan with a little olive oil. Just don’t miss it, because our goal is to melt a little fat. Done? Now spread the bacon on a platter mixed with the fat. While the desire to cook has not yet evaporated, quickly boil spaghetti and prepare the sauce. To make the sauce you should grate the cheese and mix it with cream, eggs and yolks until you obtain a homogeneous light mass.

The resulting sauce should be poured over the bacon. The final chord: we throw spaghetti in a colander so that there is no excess water left, and place the ready pasta on top of the meat under the sauce so that the dish has a complete taste. We leave our masterpiece for 10 minutes to thicken the sauce. Before you start tasting, stir all the layers of the dish. Now you can confidently exclaim, “Belissimo!”

Beef liver in sour cream

If finding common ground with your liver is no easy task, then learning how to wield beef liver won’t be difficult. A maximum of an hour of effort, and the deliciousness is ready!

What you need:

– beef liver – 1 kg;

– onion – a couple of pieces;

– sour cream 15-20% fat – 300 grams;

– garlic – 2 cloves;

– herbs – a small bundle;

– green onions – a couple of sprigs;

– vegetable oil;

– salt, pepper.

How to cook. Wash liver and cut it into small cubes. Peel onion and cut into half rings. Shred greens finely. Now fry the onions in a pan with vegetable oil until golden brown. Put chopped liver on it. We cover with a lid, make the minimum heat and stew for 20 minutes. Then we stir it and leave it for 15 minutes more, to let the liver give juice.

Now we put to liver sour cream, greens, green onions and squeeze garlic. A little salt and pepper. All this needs to be mixed, covered with a lid and left on low heat for 10 minutes. Eat the dish while it is hot. Liver is ideal as a separate dish and as a gravy for pasta, rice or boiled potatoes. This is a great all-purpose bachelor’s dish!

Cheese casserole

Here it is! After a variety of hearty first courses, it’s sure to be dessert’s turn. Everyone remembers a casserole from the school or camp canteen… And not always memories are pleasant, this is true. But now we can create our own masterpiece dessert, the tastiest and totally “feng shui.”

What you need:

– cottage cheese – 200 grams;

– semolina – 5 tablespoons;

– jam (to your taste) – 3 tbsp;

– kefir – a third of a cup;

– eggs – 1 pc;

– bananas, dried fruits and nuts.

How to prepare. Mix cottage cheese with semolina, jam, kefir and egg. Add chopped banana, nuts and dried fruits to the mixture. Grease a baking dish and spread the cottage cheese mixture in it. We take it to the preheated oven for at least half an hour and wait for the ruddy crust to seize on top. The casserole from our carefree childhood is ready!