P-oh-la-la-roid cameras: the return of the film?

Admit it – you’re a whore for photos with a vintage look, since Instagram came along. If our rather rude presumption was correct, we’ve found just the startup for you. (You can thank us later)

‘The Impossible Project’ is a startup founded in 2008, who bought the last Polaroid production plant in the world, and started work on their own, new line of instant-film cameras, film and accessories.

The company has since launched new cameras, papers (with different effects for photographs) and an entire range of flashes, mounts and even merchandise.

Although the cameras themselves, and the photographs which they produce are simplistic works of beauty, you may struggle to get to grips with the reams of new terminology you’ll need to learn, just to order the right film for your camera. There’s then also the cost of the cameras (around £400), as well as the issue of remembering to take your new [old] camera with you everywhere you go.

(The real deal? An image of a boat taken on the iOS application Instagram and a photograph of a boat taken with The Impossible Project’s new camera and instant-paper)

Only for those with a burning passion?

These cameras are great, but they’ll cost you just about the same price as an iPhone, where you can download Instagram, which produces a much higher quality image.

Also – what are photographs without sharing? You’ll have to spend a lot of time scanning in all of the images you took on your new toy, just to share them on the internet. But then they’re digital, bringing it full-circle.

It does, then, seem like these camera really are just for those who are very serious and passionate about vintage photography, and have the time, effort and money to invest into such a hobby.

So, Instagram it is?


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