5 Highly Intelligent TVs That Will Change Your Viewing Habits

These stylish televisions aren’t just pretty faces—they’re smart enough to make you ditch the desktop.

LG Google TV GA7900
Want to follow real-time tweets about the new episode of Homeland while you’re watching it? Just grab this TV’s three-in-one remote control, which comes with a mouselike scroll and a QWERTY keyboard to surf the Web.
Starting at $1,050; lg.com

Panasonic Smart Viera ZT60
Personalize the home screen just like on a computer—add your calendar, your bookmarks, and even your desktop wallpaper—and the facial-recognition software will pull it up when you flop on the couch.
Starting at $3,000; panasonic.com

Samsung OLED TV
The intuitive interface and a Netflix-like recommendation engine let you switch easily between watching Law & Order reruns and stalking friends (and exes) on Facebook, all on a high-def 55-inch screen that’s curved to reduce glare.
$9,000; samsung.com

Sharp Aquos 6-Series
With Sharp’s Smart Beam app, you can turn your phone into an interactive remote—change channels, surf the Web, and share images by flinging pictures from your device to the TV with a flick of your wrist.
Starting at $1,500; sharpusa.com

Sony X900A
Now you can use the best high-quality-video apps, such as Amazon Instant, Vimeo, and MLB.TV, from your desktop on an ultra-high-definition television that offers a screen resolution four times sharper than standard 1080p.
Starting at $4,000; sony.com


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