City Breaks for Families

As a couple, you might have strolled through the ancient streets of Dubrovnik, enjoyed a candlelit meal in Rome, and strolled through London’s stunning skyline. But if you’re missing all the culture of a city break because you’ve got little ones in tow right now, don’t worry: these cities are still worth going to with kids. There’s no need to compromise on a wonderful holiday just because your lifestyle has changed.


If you’ve never been to a city break with tiny toddlers before, London is a great place to start. There’s no cluttering around with different currencies or worrying about a language barrier, plus you probably already know your way around the London Underground. There’s a lot of amazing free things to do here, too, so between the price of a train ticket and a few meals out there, you’re in for a pretty affordable.

Take a look at London and some of UK city breaks. UK city breaks


Rome has a rep for being notoriously hot and busy, so it hit the city with the Colosseum during its cooler, quieter periods in autumn and spring. Enroll the little ones in the Rome Gladiator School so that they can play soldiers for an afternoon, watch a traditional puppet show and help to fulfill all their wildest wishes in the Trevi Fountain. And when it comes to the time of the dinner, let’s give Italy a praise for its surprisingly children-friendly food: fleshly baked pizza and pasta. Yumm! Rome city breaks


If you’re looking for a family city break without compromising on the coastline, Dubrovnik is just what you are looking for. Banje Beach is just a short walk from the Old Town, so you can do some light paddling work in the sea and do a lot of sightseeing. A few days is really all you need to get a taste of Croatian culture. You can also go island hopping, swim in salt lakes or wander through waterfalls. Dubrovnik city breaks


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